I've been able to successfully connect my Droid's Media Audio via bluetooth to my netbook running XP SP3, as well as to my Motorola T501 in my car, however I can't seem to get the same Droid to funnel it's media audio to my main laptop running Vista Ultimate x64 SP2.

In the Droid's BlueTooth options for the connection to the laptop, the "Media" checkbox is checked. On the laptop, the "Audio Source" service checkbox is checked in the Services tab of the Droid's properties dialog.

But when I connect to the laptop over BlueTooth, all I get is the Headset Service notification. Phone audio connects, but nothing else does.

I've seen this working with my Droid on XP SP3 and on my wife's Droid on Vista Home Premium (x86)... but no joy with Vista Ultimate x64 SP2.

Other than "Ditch Vista", can anyone offer any tips on what I might be missing?