Saw this Phonedog...

A few days ago we started hearing rumors about a T-Mobile program codenamed "project emerald," which has been rumored to be representative of a device launch in the near future (probably this summer). Initially the thought was that the phone could be the HTC Desire, but TmoNews, who first reported about the project, also said that it could very well be another new super-phone.

Naturally, when the rumor mill starts to churn, other sites tend to check with sources to see what they can come up with. AndroidGuys did just that, and got some interesting information from a source they claim is quite reliable. The source told AndroidGuys that project emerald is code for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S on T-Mobile come the first week in July. They also said that the deal won't be a T-Mobile exclusive but that four US carriers in total will get the device. Here's a few more interesting things that AndroidGuys pointed out:

  • The phone will be Android 2.1 but should be 2.2 when it arrives.
  • Sprint's handset will arrive later than the others
  • Somehow, the Hummingbird processor is out and the Snapdragon chip is in.
  • All but AT&T's model will have a camera flash

To add fuel to the fire, this morning our friend Dustin over at DroidDog made an interesting discovery. In a video by Howard Chui of, the Samsung Galaxy S is caught displaying a few items that seem to be specific to T-Mobile. The MyAccount, TMO Contact, and Visual Voicemail icons were spotted on the tray and are known to be commonly found on Android devices that come to T-Mobile.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S has a leg up against the Desire when it comes to rumored devices headed to T-Mobile. In any case, I hope project emerald doesn't stay a project much longer, as I know many people who are ready to be enlightened, myself included. If you're joining me in the path to emerald enlightenment, make sure to leave a comment below.