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Thread: Setting calendar and alarms without that rolling thing?

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    Setting calendar and alarms without that rolling thing?


    I have recently gotten a HTC Explorer also known as the Pico, great little gadget.. However when I use the calendar or try to set an Alarm it annoys me having to scroll to the correct time or date on those rolling things.

    Lets say I want to set an alarm for 07:40, I click the Clock app, pick Alarms from the bottom menu and then I get two black rollers, one for hours and one for minutes. With my finger I can spin them to get to 07 on the hour wheel and 40 on the minute wheel, but if I spin too fast they roll too far and if I spin too slow I need to spin a bunch of times. Sure, I can work them with a bit of practice, but it would be so much faster and easier to just punch in 0 7 4 0 on a keypad.

    Same deal if I want to reschedule an event in the calendar, up pops a bunch of rollers for date, month and year - just give me a keypad, it's so much easier to operate.

    Any way to change that? Is there a "roller free" theme or something?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't think there is a way to change the roller. The easiest thing to to is look for another alarm & calendar app. I agree the roller is kind of annoying but this is my third HTC phone in a row so I'm used to it.

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