So I hace the moto atrix 4g. Its about 1 week and a half old.

Last night I was running through the rain from my truck, slipped, and my phone fell in a puddle full of leaves and water.
It was in the water for about 1.1 seconds tops.
I hurriedly shook off all the water on the outside, pulled off back, dried, pulled battery out, dried.

Then I vigorously sucked through all the ports. I was only able to get a very small amount of water out of each.

Then I let it sit all night.

About four hours later, frustrated and curious, I put the battery back in and started it up.

It made it to the Att screen, then freaked out, then went black.

After that it would not hold a charge or turn back on.

On the assumption that MAYBE the battery went totally dead? I put it on the charger over night.

I tried to turn it on again about 12 hours after initial water contact. It would not turn on, so I got pissed, and through it at the floor.

A few minutes after that, I decided that who knows, the throw may have unlogged some dirt or something? lol
So I sheepishly tried again.

So now my phone is uhm, working, for all intensive purposes... it took a little while to load up, but it is doing everything it was doing yesterday the way that I want it to... so...

But, en lue of the " Three days later IT DIED!" comment,

I have taken my battery back out and am looking for a certain solution.

It is best to just have a savvy kind of person take it apart and clean it?

Where is the water sensor on the Atrix? are there several?

The battery has a sticker with red X's that I assume is one, but there is also a little tiny hole with a red dye stain to the right of the sim card.

Any advice is welcome. .thanks!!!