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Thread: Nexus one

  1. Droid
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    Dec 2009
    the DROID

    Nexus one

    wouldn't the nexus 1 be pretty much same as droid except without the keyboard?
  3. RS Lead
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    i'd take it for the beautiful OLED screen it has. It's slimmer, a bit taller, bigger screen, faster processor, etc. but the deal breaker is no physical keyboard. I heard 2.1 runs very smooth on the Droid from those who've unlocked it so i can't wait for that. The phone is pretty much to see how much they can push other companies, and for the people who need to have the latest and greatest. I'm perfectly happy with my Droid.
  4. Droid Sensei
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    Screen size the same.
  5. Master Droid
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    Enter Current Phone Here
    for people who need the latest and greatest?

    Last time I checked T-Mobile is not where many consumers are flocking to for the latest and greatest...the average T-Mobile customer, NOT ALL [most], is a much different type of customer then found on the other "Big 3" carriers.

    Google failed on T-Mobile with their Mytouch and G-1. The marketplace basically folded and developers admitted it was pointless to develop programs due to limited profits. This is no different.

    There is a reason there is basically no hype about this phone except on tech-gadget blog sites that got their own phones for free. Google knows their "UNLOCKED" phone is a failure due it to being NOT unlocked.
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  6. Master Droid
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    I agree with LordKastle... on part of this.

    From a developers standpoint, TMo has been a disaster. Sales did not take off the way they did for the Droid (obviously) even with multiple handsets. And those that did buy the Android phones from TMo don't seem willing to buy anything in the way of apps.

    That being said, I believe the reason that there is so little "hype" right now over is because this phone doesn't mean what some people are suggesting it does. The Dev Phone 1 and 2 were "unlocked" phones, and I don't think the "google phone" version of the Nexus one is any different. It is just the Dev Phone 3, and is the same "type" of phone that will be released on Tmo.

    Based on the G1 (which I have) and the MyTouch 3g, and even (to a lesser extent) the Eris, I am more than happy to let the Nexus One go to Tmo. I'm not sold that without the GPU on the chip that it is going to be so much faster than the OMAP powered Droid.

    @dezymond... the latest descriptions I have seen from those that have seen the Nexus one is that the screen is the *same size* as the Droid (not bigger, it is not the 4.3" HD2 screen as had been rumored at one time)
  7. Droid Sensei
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    Better screen (reviewers say it looks amazing), faster processor (1 ghz that will probably be underclocked to improve battery life), no physical keyboard, worse Network. Those would be the main differences.


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