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Thread: Droid 1: Custom ROM install fails everytime??

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    Droid 1: Custom ROM install fails everytime??

    I have the Motorola Droid 1 running Android 2.2 FRG22D and cannot get the custom ROM install to work properly.

    I rooted it yesterday and installed ROM Manager. I've flashed it with ClockworkMod Recovery and created a full backup. I then select the ROM I'm wanting to install, the phone will reboot and install the custom ROM. After installation it will reboot and get stuck bootlooping indefinitely. I've tried installing both CM 6.0 and Bugless Beast and both have failed. Both times I've tried goes back to the recovery console and wiping data/cache to see if it helps, but I still get stuck in an infinite bootloop.

    I've successfully restored back to stock (still rooted though) for now, but does anyone have any suggestions to get a custom ROM working? I've heard there are some problems with ROM Manager and Froyo FRG22D update, so I don't know if that's the problem or not.

    Also if you have any other suggestions of what ROMs/Kernels to try...I'm basically looking for something with better performance, stability, and sleekness. New to ROMs in general, etc...just heard that CM and BB were good ones to try that's why I started with those.
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    I suggest Project Elite from the Actngrezy forum.

    Instructions are in there on how to do it.

    What you can do in ROM manager for now is go back in...scroll to bottom, and flash the SPRecovery. Then...go back into rom manager and flash clockworkmod if that is your preference.

    You can flash Roms in Sprecovery as long as the install instructions/thread says so. If you use SPrecovery, you just need to rename the zip to update.zip (make sure its not update.zip.zip) you can do that by right click and properties...and look at the details tab for the file name. Then move to root of SD card. Manually reboot to recovery using the X and power on....go pick the update.zip or install it...not 100 percent sure the menu in SPrecovery as I use CWM so renaming isnt necessary.

    Let the install run, go to reboot phone. Be patient...first reboot after installing a ROM can take up to 5 minutes depending on the ROM. Just wait it out. If after 10 minutes you dont get any response...then pull battery and restore.

    Just be sure if you switch recovery's to do another backup before you start flashing a rom...it wont move your backups over to the new recovery. You will need one for safety measures. If you go back to clockworkmod...your backups should still be there as they are saved on your SD card under /clockwork/backup

    hope that helps.
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    my only tip to you is to reboot into clockwork manually (hold power and X button)
    wipe data and cache 3 times each, install .zip from sd card,choose .zip, yes, wait for the install. reboot the phone. if you are still getting a bootloop, that usually means you have a kernel issue. i would try som other ROM's if you are having bootloop after wiping 3 times. i would also suggest Project Elite v2. that is what i am on with chevys 1.25ghz kernel and everything is buttery smooth.
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    for installation of roms (as well as themes and kernels, for that matter), i always recommend manual install thru recovery. RM is a great app, but for install of roms it can be a little buggy. it's been hit or miss sometimes on installing a rom, but with manual install thru recovery i've never had an issue. you can boot into recovery by holding down the x key, then push power button until screen lights up, release power button and keep holding x key until recovery screen comes up. you can also boot into recovery thru RM.

    here's the process i use, and it works every time:

    1. backup your apps with TiBu (or thru Astro)
    2. create a backup/nandroid of your current rom (so you have something to fall back on if you experience any serious problems flashing a new rom)
    3. boot into recovery
    4. wipe data/factory reset
    5. wipe cache
    6. install rom zip from sdcard
    7. reboot
    8. IMPORTANT - let market completely download all your apps, and let it complete the process before flashing any themes, kernels, whatever
    9. boot into recovery

    10. flash theme (if you desire something other than stock)
    11. reboot
    12. boot into recovery
    13. flash kernel
    14. reboot
    15. enjoy!

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