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Thread: Android Roms, and why to choose ShadowRom

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    Android Roms, and why to choose ShadowRom


    The best you can do with your phone is to change rom. (not counting rooting it :P)

    I see the "android rom" as the whole system, otherwise I have no idea what it means . But when it comes to roms, there are a lot out there, and choosing them can be a big hassle. I just chose one out of the blue, which was insanely clean 1.3. Worked great, I stuck with it for about 2 weeks, then started experimenting with other roms XD. They all were great, but I didn't prefer (don't kill me) cyanogen mod, juz cuz it seemed boring. Weeks later, I found shadowrom, and I've stuck with it.

    Shadowrom is currently in version .2.1, the .1 for being a little bug fix , It was created by Insanenevisis, and Billygalbreath, and was built from many roms. Insane nevisis is the creator of insanely clean 1.3, funny enough. My first rom, and my last rom are all from the same person.

    Heres the post of .2.1 [ROM RELEASE] ShadowRom v0.2.1 ? Fix release! | ShadowROM

    ShadowRom has features that will blow your pants off (pray tell you are wearing them that is...) Here's a list:

    -Queue system at boot, meaning it changes some things on your phone that you changed. It has a seperate bootanimation, so you know that the changes are being applied.

    -Launcher 2 settings, very useful if you are too stubborn to move to a different launcher, like ADW launcher. One of the settings include a 3d app drawer toggle, which in most roms, only few have a 3d app drawer, but it can't be turned on and off

    -ROTARY LOCK SCREEEN! If you don't know what that is, its your lockscreen, but the unlock and volume buttons are on a rotary bar, (or whatever its called) so it looks cooler

    -SYSTEM TO DATA MOVING! This is probably the most epic feature I have ever seen before! This is whats keeping me at this rom! you can move apps to system, or system apps to data! Its like moving to sd card, its another location. All you have to do, is go to your applications uninstall list, select an app, and below move to sd, there it is! Move to wherever, and it will add it to the queue, so reboot, and the app is moved. This is best used for uninstalling system apps, so have fun!

    -any app2sd option

    -changing boot settings, meaning you change change whether it boots with a full boot animation, a smaller boot animation with only the word Android, and it shines (faster boot with this), and NO BOOT ANIMATION! no bootanimation is the fastest you can get with booting up your phone!

    -Don't you love it when you have a custom launcher, and when you go back to it, it has to reload the WHOLE app list on your launcher, which takes about 3 seconds each time? OF COURSE NOT! Thats why theres an option to put your default launcher app into memory, stopping those stupid reloads from taking up your precious time! (Well, should I advertise things? XD)


    -If you download Hot Reboot from the market(not free, but very cheap) and turn off shadowrom's boot animation, next time you run hot reboot to reboot your phone, it boots up in ONE TO TWO SECONDS (after black screen, but thats only about 3 seconds) Seriously, its worth the money!

    IMPORTANT!!!!! running hot reboot does NOT activate queue system! it may run the queue system's boot animation, but it DOESN'T change anything! you have to do a normal reboot for queue to work!

    -Moving an app to system can sometimes cut down on the file size! It worked with handcent sms, Dolphin browser HD, and other good stock app replacements, so you should replace as much stock apps for a cooler experience! Sadly, moving a system app to data can increase the file size, so only do that if you plan to uninstall the system app/bloatware.


    [ROM RELEASE]ShadowRom v0.2.1 - Fix Release! version .2.1, bug fix

    -[ROM RELEASE] ShadowRom v0.2.0 - Better than ever! Fast, stable! Never Seen Features! Version 2.0, release of .2

    Any older posts are kinda useless, so i won't mention them.

    Thanks for reading this big long explanation of why ShadowRom PWNS XD
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    Nice write up. Shadow rom is currently my second favorite rom. I used it right before switching over to Ultimate Droid. My 3 top roms so far:

    1. Ultimate Droid

    2. Shadow Rom

    3. Cyanogenmod

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    I agree with both of you. If ShadowROM had a better selection of themes, I would prefer it over UD. It has many features that no other ROM has, but UD has better themes and is slightly faster than Shadow IMO.

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    while i can appreciate your thoughts///this thread will go no further....
    Sometimes , It is what it is !


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