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Thread: Rom choosing (different question, I promise!)

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    Rom choosing (different question, I promise!)

    Yes there are millions of of posts asking what is the best for me.
    I was going to choose BB, until a user flamed the forum saying Sapphire was much better. I decided to make it my first rom.

    There must be another way besides guess and check though.

    Since different roms work better for different people, there must be a hardware difference. Therefore I am looking for benchmarking programs to see my phone's strengths and weaknesses.

    So is there a way to determine my phone's hardware and maybe figure out what is the best option for it?
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    There really isn't, the best way is to test out the ROM's that seem interesting and eliminate the one's that don't perform on your device 100%

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    As TP said you need to check for yourself, a rom that may be perfect for me may not be good for you.
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    Just my two cents

    Fairly new to the world of root but, my first successful rom was Sapphire 1.1.1. Loved it. Brand new world, custom theme, the works. Started having battery issues, downloaded some suggested apps. Still wasn't getting the results I wanted. After a few experiments with other roms, I'm running ShadowRom v0.2.1 with the stock 800mhz kernel. LOVE IT. Like it better than Sapphire, and liking may battery life.

    Bottom line, check out multiple roms. Try em out, see what you like and if its doing what you expect. But my suggestion is ShadowRom


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