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Thread: Kangerade 1.1 or Bugless Beast 0.3

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    Kangerade 1.1 or Bugless Beast 0.3

    I have been a long time bugless beast fan, his roms just seemed to be the best! but when he first released his 2.2 roms they were ironically a little buggy. and i dont blame him for it seeing as how it was a new rom so of course it would still need tweaking! but i decided to try kangerade and it worked FAST and smooth!! question is, with the new B.B. release i want to kno peoples opinions that have tried both. which is better? im tired of flashing and reflashing roms, so i wanna get imput before i decide to flash this new B.B.
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    I don't have anything to say about Kangerade because I haven't used it. I've always been a Bugless Beast person. BUT, you're tired of flashing ROM's? To me, that is the best part about owning this phone!
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    I just updated to v0.4 from 0.3 and i've had no problems. Its fast bug free for me.
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    I Switch Between Both

    I have been using BB for most of the time, though recently I have been using Kangerade a lot. Using Rom Manager Kangerade is easier to customize in so many ways than BB. While the first 3 versions of BB Froyo were very buggy, this last one has been very stable, though I cannot get the Droid X theme to work and usually have to restore.

    Right now I am downloading the latest version of Kangerade to give it a try.

    Both jrummy and pete do good work, and boils down to taste. I say flash back-up both and switch between to two to see which one you like best. In my opinion these are the two best roms available on the Droid.
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    I started out with Kangerade 1.0 when it first came out and loved it from the start. Ran it for about 2 weeks with no bugs whatsoever. Decided to try BB 0.3 simply to try out the Ironman theme and it's been just as awesome. Haven't switched back and have actually been getting better numbers on Quadrant tests. Both have run flawlessly for me so it's really hard to choose just one, but then again I'm always wanting to change things up anyway
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    i test them all but revert back to bb. they all have their own qualities that work for individual users

    to me bugless beast gets better performance for what i do with my phone better speeds.

    jrummy's kangerade is the new rooters dream anything and everything you could want he has for d/l ie... theme,font,wallpapers,boots and much more

    chevy has the best kernels his d/l is in comparison to jrummys but not as many options

    i am a big fan of speed not pretty altho most roms are compatible with blue energy theme from roberj so in my eyes they are all pretty

    but it boils down to what you are looking for you can read everyones opinions until you are black and blue it is just your preference
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