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Thread: Is this what I've been reduced to?

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Is this what I've been reduced to?

    After going through Matth3w's tutorial on how to root,install, back up and everything else you need to make your droid all that it can be, I was more than hooked. Since then I went through two other ROMs before hitting Adam's ESE53 2.1 ROM. Yeah the LWP is cool but it really is just bling. Love the ROM but I find myself in search for more battery life. After looking at cpu settings and task manager stuff, I decided that maybe I should move on to another ROM. Not easy since I'm the kind of person who finds what makes him happy and sticks with it.

    I've been reading about this whole ROM Manager and thought I'd give it a try. Not exactly what I expected. Killed (over-rode) my SPRecovery which I've not only grown accustomed to, but also have depended on. It's gotten me out of more than a few mishaps.

    So now I'm back in pete's house, running BB v1.0 ESE81 and so far (only one day) it's flying fast, charging slow, and theming easy. Appropriate as my first ROM rooted was bugless 2.0.1 and loved it. I have to admit that a themed ROM like cyanogen was my original intent when I tried it (them) something failed to the point I restored and went in another direction.

    So to the point (finally). When I originally rooted I was so obsessed that I read and read and read about what I needed to do. Now that I was ready to move to the next step, things had moved so far ahead that I realize I can't keep up. I mean you've got multiple ESE81 ROMs, different devs, and unfortunately different install procedures and options.

    Options? Yeah, what's with the scripts things and what do they do for the end user? How do you install or execute them? I'm sorry for not reading through 750+ posts but really? Where's the layman's version, the cliff's notes. I really want to be able to go through the same steps to install the works of multiple people and know how to modify where needed.

    SO I find myself reduced to someone who is constantly trying to personify my phone to me. Make my own icons. Modify my widgets. Learn as much as I can to create something that is unique to me. Much like my motorcycles or cars. Unfortunately this takes up hours upon hours and I find myself sacrificing in other areas that are unacceptable to me. Damn droid. The addiction that is.

    If there's nothing else to come out of this post, I'd like to see your idle thoughts about ROMs and the choices that are left on the table for us with the open source thinking. What about your droid takes up much of your spare time?

    Happy Mother's Day to you and/or your mother.

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  3. Beta Team
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    Been there done that one time I spent an entire day playing around with Sweeterhome. I got so tired of personalizing my phone that I just gave up and am running stock Cyanogen now lol. Now I have more time for life stuff haha.
  4. Droid Sensei
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    HOME RUN BATTLE 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trying to find decent battery life. So I'm constantly trying different kernel/ROM combos looking for that sweet spot.
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  5. Droid Ninja
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    I just want minimum lag, responsive, fast. I used to be crazy about themes but now I don't care as much - I want a no-frills stable and usable device.


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