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Thread: Official App2SD support for CyanogenMod via ROM Manager

  1. budmonster
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePravus View Post
    I know that a Class6 card is recommended for this. Has anyone tried the Class10 16GB card from Kingston? Would it make that much of a difference to justify the $95 dollar price tag?
    i dont think they make class 10 micro sd cards
  2. Developer
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    Yeah, they do. You pay a hefty premium for it though.
  3. budmonster
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    what the kingston one that just came out? its like $138 right?
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  4. budmonster
    budmonster's Avatar
    what settings should i use for ext and swap? im on a class 6 8gb sdcard....
  5. budmonster
    budmonster's Avatar
    How do I know if my apps2sd worked? I unsitalled everything, enabled a2sd and reindtalled my apps. How do I also move my browser, makert, stock apps to sd also?

    Edit: when I install apps now they go into a folder called "sd-ext", does that mean a2sd is working correctly?
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  6. budmonster
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    Anyone lol?
  7. Master Droid
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    you might be the only one bro! lol

    I was thinking of getting a class 6 8gb, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

    I think if you go to settings=>applications=>manage applications there is an option to move apps between the sd and system partitions. Probably have to long press the app name or something. Again, haven't done it personally, but I do recall something to that effect.
  8. Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by budmonster View Post
    Anyone lol?

    yes /sd-ext is on your sd card. that's where all the new apps get installed, inside /sd-ext/app structure...
  9. Beta Team
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    I still don't have the move button next to uninstall in manage apps. Then again I am using the class 2 card that came with the droid.
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  10. budmonster
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    i only get the move app button next to the apps installed. the apps that came with the rom i cant move for some reason.
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