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Thread: What happened to the Holy Grail OG Droid?

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    What happened to the Holy Grail OG Droid?

    Left about 5-6 months ago after I reflashed my Simply Stunning 5.5 and not only did ChevyNo1 stop deving on the OG Droid, but all the Custom rom topics have 0 new posts for around a month. I was expecting something new for the OG Droid, but it seems all is the same since I fell off the grid.

    Where and what was so great to have the death of the OG droid?

    I personally don't know of a phone worthy of taking my OG Droid's place yet... But then again, I have't kept up since I left here.

    I guess the times have caught up to this, what was once, revolutionary device.
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    Unfortunately the only thing that happened to it is time. It's still the holy grail and the one that started it all, just many people have used their upgrades and moved on.

    As far as new roms you could always check out the steel DROID section, he's been actively developing for it as far as I know.

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    Well since you left there have been numerous devices released on Verizon and the hardware on the D1 is so old that it could no longer be supported by the he newer OS, ICS.

    As for Chevy he's still around but for the time being he has to take care of personal business. He's been out of commission for several months now.

    The release of both the Rezound and Nexus has a lot of people jumping to those phones as they both have unlockable bootloader.

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    Yeah there wasn't many of us left in the D1 section, and a few of us have since then gotten the nexus. The D1 just couldn't keep up anymore. Though I do highly highly recommend Steel Droid.
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    Actually, Motorola Milestone (Europe version of OG Droid) community still works.
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    The Galaxy Nexus happened haha. I loved my OG but this phone is such a massive upgrade its crazy. However many of the familiar devs are here now on the GNex, we have Sourcery, Liquid, Steeldroid as well as Project Elite coming soon and even ChevyNo1 has been tinkering around with ICS a little in his free time.
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    I still self cook for OG but won't release anything as its mainly a kang between a few roms. I moved on to the Rezound.

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