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Thread: [Themed ROM] Smoked Glass w/ White Clock

  1. Beta Team
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    Motorola Droid (ROOTED)
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    Arrow [Themed ROM] Smoked Glass w/ White Clock v4.1 *Updated 2/10*

    Smoked Glass v4.1

    *** Updated 02/10/2010 ***

    **** Make sure to NOT to update to 2.1 when it is pushed!!! You don't want to lose your root capabilities!! ****

    *** I have added a new option for download with Blue Time and Notifications ***

    *** RESTORE "Recovery" TO UPDATE TO "SPRecovery 0.99.3b" !!!!


    The first thing I'd like to do is thank crotalusfreak and Speeddymon for their work on deodexing the entire /system and for making a White Clock in the Notification Bar possible. And also a big thanks to xeudoxus for figuring out where to edit the *.xml documents for White Notifications...

    So this whole thing started off with what I wanted to have on my phone. It started slowly with getting rid of the stock yellow/orange that Android uses - I prefer blue. (I do have an option for download without blue. Then I started working on the Launcher and framework-res.apk and eventually came up with my Glass Theme after over 40 hours of work (and extreme lack of sleep!). Then I added every upgrade and hack possible and that I wanted in a ROM and we have this... I hope you all enjoy it as well. I haven't had any problems whatsoever so I hope you don't either... and so far it runs incredibly fast. Much thanks and appreciation is deserved to all of the devs out there that have worked so hard for us to enjoy so many of the advancements we now have on our Droids.

    Thank You.


    All images I have modified/created have been Stretched Correctly, Optimized/Compressed, Compiled, and all APKs have been Zipaligned to ensure the theme doesn't affect speed. It was a long process, but well worth it.

    You MUST root your phone and install SirPsychoS' SPRecovery 0.99.2b. Click HERE to install.

    This is a Nandroid Backup, but you may keep all of your /data. This means you do not have to re-install any app that you already have.
    (Which is only possible because of the efforts of SirPsychoS and the entire Sholes.info team)

    Here is what it includes...

    - Android 2.0.1 (completely deodexed - courtesy of Speeddymon & crotalusfreak)
    - Overclocked (600, 800, 900, 950, 1000 or 1100 MHz Max/125Mhz Min) [Motorola UNDERclocked phone to 550MHz... 600MHz is the rated chip speed.] (thanks to tasmanian_droid)
    * Default settings available for Overclock are 250, 500, 800, 950, and 1000 MHz.
    - Busybox installed and binary updated
    - CP Symlinked
    * 2.1 Launcher with usable buttons (thanks to xeudoxus)
    * 2.1 Launcher now Themed with Smoked Glass
    - 2.0.1 Launcher w/ 5 Screens (thanks to xeudoxus)
    - 2.1 Music Player (thanks to jinx10000)
    - 2.1 DeskClock (thanks to jinx10000)
    - 2.1 News/Weather Widget (thanks to jinx10000)
    * Milestone Multi-Touch Browser with Pinch/Zoom [RC4 with v8 Webcore.so] (thanks to t3hSteve)
    * 2.1 Multi-Touch Gallery with Pinch/Zoom (thanks to ReverendYo)
    * 2.1 Multi-Touch Maps with Pinch/Zoom (standard now)
    * IM App from G1 (thanks to Zappletoo)
    - 2.1 Keyboard with Voice Search (thanks to Berzerker)
    - Swype Keyboard
    - All 2.1 Ringtones and Notifications have been added
    - Removed: Amazon MP3 & Visual VoiceMail
    * Over 1000 Modified Images (ALL Images compressed and optimzed with PNGGauntlet and compiled with MotoDev Studio. All APKs 'zipaligned' to ensure speed.)
    * Custom Boot Animation (Updated - Droid Eye is now Blue color and file is MUCH smaller - runs smoother.)
    * Camcorder modified to record at 8 mb/s bitrate at High Quality record setting. Low Quality stays the same. (Stock HQ is 3 mb/s)
    * Added the original Android 2.0.1 AlarmClock.apk (For those that use it with Beautiful Widgets' flip clock...)
    * Added 2 Wallpapers into Launcher.apk.. Select them in "Wallpaper Gallery"
    * YouTube HQ Hack [High Quality videos by default] (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    * Minimum Brightness Hack (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    * Custom script to Mount System (Read/Write - "rwsys" ... Read-Only - "rosys")


    February 10, 2010
    - Added blue Volume/Progress Bars
    - Removed the Nexus version of MT Maps so you can use 3rd party programs with it
    - Overclocked to 1000 MHz (Options of 250, 550, 800, 950, and 1000 MHz) (thanks to tasmanian_droid)
    - Added new boot image that includes access to Processor Temperature (thanks to tasmanian_droid)
    - Themed Google Maps (Broken: Google has images pulling from wrong lower-res folder with latest update)
    - Themed Google Talk
    - Modified and cleaned up Lockscreen Tabs
    - Fixed FC issues with Clock and News and Weather Widget/App
    - Fixed Logcat error with Keymaps in qtouch-touchscreen.kcm.bin (thanks to dao777)
    - Updated Busybox binary
    - Added custom script to mount system (Type "rwsys" to mount read/write and "rosys" to mount read-only)
    - All Busybox commands are executable without using "busybox" first
    - Added extra available option for download with Blue Time/Date/Notifications
    - Removed excess files - increased system speed
    - And of course as always... I've themed and added a lot more images I can't think of

    February 5, 2010
    - Installed 950 MHz Overclock Kernel as Standard (Options of 950 MHz, 800 MHz, 550 MHz, 250 MHz, and 125 MHz in SetCPU)
    - I completely revamped Notification Bar, Widgets, and many more of the current images... (not status bar)
    - I added over 400 more modified images (over 1000 total)
    - Themed Dialer with Glass Theme
    - Themed Genie Widget with HTC Weather Images (same as Beautiful Widgets)
    - Modified and Improved Launcher with slightly larger Arrows/TrashCan and improved Launcher in Landscape mode
    - Added 2.1 Multi-Touch Gallery
    - Added 2.1 Multi-Touch Maps with Night Mode
    - Added new version RC4 of the Milestone Multi-Touch Browser with v8 Webcore
    - Added the G1 IM.apk
    - Removed Milestone MediaGallery and PhotoEditer (they are redundant and waste space with 2.1 MT Gallery)
    - Added link to download Modified MixZing Music Player App with White Ongoing Notification Text
    - Added link to download Metamorph File with Original Smoked Glass Widget Images
    - Added link to download Espresso Wallpapers

    January 28, 2010
    - Almost all bugs are fixed - Still working on Launcher2's home screen.
    - Added MORE Overclocking - 800 MHz, 900 MHz, and 1 GHz (all thanks to tasmanian_droid... way fast)
    - Added YouTube HQ Hack [High Quality by default, can switch to Low Quality] (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    - Added Minimum Brightness Hack [Lowers minimum brightness to 2 instead of 20] (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    - Added Download for Brightness App by jinx10000 for even more control.
    - Added Link for WiFi-Tethering app modified by Berzerker - Just install and Tether away - that's it.
    - Because Tethering Installation is so easy now, there is no need for a separate Wi-Fi Tether ROM...
    - Modified press of Launcher in Smoked Glass Only to be Orange instead of Blue.
    * Added Download for Modified Pandora Internet Radio... (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    * Updated Multi-Touch browser version - fixes Auto-Rotate and much faster typing (thanks to t3hSteve)
    * Expect ROM.tgz format for next update... plus a few more things I've been losing sleep over...
    *** If you downloaded v3.0... please update to v3.1 (if you've already updated to v3.0... no need to wipe Data again)

    January 25, 2010
    - Added version with Wi-Fi Tether for Download
    - Modified camcorder to record at 8 mb/s bitrate and went back to stock 25fps... this should fix F/C issues.
    - Added old 2.0.1 AlarmClock.apk back in..
    - Added 2 Wallpapers in Launcher.apk (Select them from the Wallpaper Gallery)
    - Added links for SetCPU (by coolhbo3k) and Moto-Torch LED v2.8 (modified by xeudoxus)
    - Added link for more Wallpapers

    January 24, 2010
    - Added themed version of 2.1 Launcher with usable buttons. (Left is Phone, Center is Apps, Right is Browser)
    - Modified camcorder to record at 9 mb/s bitrate and 26 fps. (Stock is 3 mb/s bitrate and 25 fps.)
    - Wi-Fi Tether version will be uploaded later this afternoon

    Here are some screenshots of the Blue Time and Notifications...


    Now... here are the rest of the screenshots...


    Installation Instructions...
    ALWAYS perform an Advanced Nandroid Backup BEFORE Installation of this or any other ROM. Backup ALL parts of your phone.

    If you are careful and take your time, installation should be quick, easy, and painless. And remember, if you don't feel comfortable - do some research on the forums. Every question or query you have, I'm sure we've all had - so don't be afraid of reading and researching before you jump. Have Fun!

    DISCLAIMER… I'm sure you've all heard it before... Download and install at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone.

    --- SPRecovery 0.99.2b is required.. please visit Sholes.info for Installation. ---

    ****Directions in BLUE are only necessary if you are upgrading from previous version of Wi-Fi Tether, coming from Android 2.1 ,or you are having trouble****

    *** If you are installing Wi-Fi Tether for the FIRST time or do not want to upgrade it to the version below - KEEP YOUR DATA!!! ***
    *** If you are Upgrading Wi-Fi Tether from a previous version - you must wipe your data OR follow instructions HERE (Only for those experienced with Shell Commands). ***
    *** After you install Wi-Fi Tether this time, you should NOT have to wipe your DATA again for updates... ***

    --- Advanced Nandroid Backup First! ---

    1.) Download Nandroid Backup *.zip
    2.) Unzip *.zip File
    3.) Place unzipped folder in "nandroid" folder on your SD Card
    4.) Reboot into SPRecovery v0.99.2b (Thanks to SirPsychoS!!)
    5.) Select "Backup/Restore"
    6.) Select "Advanced Nandroid Backup"
    7.) Select ALL options for Backup (System, Data, Misc, Cache, Boot, Recovery)
    8.) Name your backup whatever you want (This is a backup of your old OS, data, everything.)
    9.) Select "Perform Backup"...
    10.) Return to the main SPRecovery Screen

    **** If you are upgrading your WiFi Tether, have trouble booting up (the first time you boot up takes time) or are coming from Android 2.1... You may have to perform the following commands 11 and 12...

    11.) Make sure your computer is connected to your phone and you have ADB installed (skip if upgrading from Version 3.1 or later)
    12.) In your command prompt in your SDK Tools directory... type the following commands... (skip if upgrading from Version 3.1 or later)
    C:\sdk\tools> adb shell
    #  format DATA:
    #  format CACHE:
    #  exit
    13.) Select "Advanced Nandroid Restore"
    14.) Select "Choose Backup" and select the one you downloaded.
    15.) Choose ONLY "Recovery", "System" and "Boot" to be restored. (I only provided those three, keep your Data.
    16.) Select "Perform Restore"...
    17.) Wait for SPRecovery to finish... then press your top power button twice to return to the main menu.
    18.) Select "Reboot".
    19.) Give it a minute or two the first time to boot all the way...
    20.) Follow instructions below on Enabling Overclocking...

    The first time you reboot, it will take a minute or two to boot up. This is normal. The following reboots have actually been MUCH FASTER than normal...

    Instructions to Enable Overclocking to 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 950 MHz, 1 GHz and 1.1 GHz...

    1.) Go to the Market and purchase "SetCPU" (You HAVE to use the Market version for 800/900/1000 MHz Overclocking!)
    2.) Open SetCPU
    3.) DO NOT SELECT MOTOROLA DROID... Scroll to the bottom and select "Autodetect Frequencies"
    4.) Set your processor speed to your liking.

    Instructions to Upgrade/Change your Overclocking Speed and NOTHING ELSE...
    (You can switch as often as you want)

    1.) Download the version with the clock speed you want...
    2.) Place the backup in your "nandroid" folder in your SD Card...
    3.) Reboot into Recovery Mode
    4.) Choose selection "Backup/Restore"
    5.) Select "Advanced Nandroid Restore"
    6.) Select "Choose Backup" and select the version with the clock speed you want.
    7.) Select the options to Restore ONLY "Boot"... NOTHING ELSE...
    8.) Select "Perform Restore"
    9.) Wait for SPRecovery to finish... and reboot.

    The first time you reboot, it will take a minute or two to boot up. This is normal. The following reboots have actually been MUCH FASTER than normal...

    Thank you for your support... If you have any problems, please post here or PM me if you really need help. I'm always willing to help when I can!

    Please Read... Options for Download have changed...
    You have TWO main options for download... Smoked Glass and Smoked Glass Only (without blue)... Both versions come with a clock speed of 800 MHz. If you want 600 MHz, 900 MHz, or 1 GHz - please download their versions and follow the instructions above on how to Upgrade your Overclocking.

    *** If you have installed the newest version of Wi-Fi Tether (available since v3.1)... KEEP YOUR DATA and DO NOT UPGRADE TETHER... ***

    Smoked Glass Plus v4.1 (1000 MHz - Tether Ready)... (Over 1000 modified images)
    Download Now (MediaFire)
    Mirror Download (4shared)

    Smoked Glass Only v4.0 (950 MHz - Tether Ready)... without blue (Has Themed Launcher/Notification Bar/Widgets)
    Download Now
    *** Version 4.1 of Smoked Glass Only will be uploaded this afternoon ***

    Smoked Glass BLUE v4.1 (1000 MHz - Tether Ready)... (Blue Clock and Notifications - Over 1000 modified images)
    Download Now (MediaFire)
    Mirror Download (4shared)

    If you would like to donate... I have provided a link. I appreciate and thank you all for your support... and happy modding!

    Extra Options for Overclocking... **** I WILL UPDATE OPTIONS FOR OVERCLOCKING AFTER WORK ****
    Now... for my own protection...
    DISCLAIMER: Download at your own risk. I am not responsible for damage you cause to your own phone.

    Downgrade to 600 MHz
    Download Now

    Downgrade to 900 MHz
    Download Now

    Upgrade to 1 GHz
    Download Now

    Upgrade to 1.1 GHz
    Download Now

    To Monitor Processor Temperature Accurately
    Purchase "TempMonitor" in the Market for only $1.99 - by Dustinmj and tasmanian_droid

    *** Wireless Tether has been confirmed to work... but alas I cannot test myself currently... I hope to be able to get a new Wi-Fi card soon... ***

    To revert to Original Smoked Glass Widget design...

    Original Smoked Glass Widgets (Metamorph Theme)
    Download Now

    The Rest of the Downloads...

    Wireless Tether - version by Berzerker
    WEP Encryption, Access Control, and Faster Tethering Speeds...
    Download Now

    SetCPU by coolhbo3k - App to control your processor speed.
    Developer's Thread
    You MUST purchase Market Version (only $.99) to Overclock to 800 MHz, 900 MHz, or 1 GHz!!! It is WELL worth the investment!

    Pandora Internet Radio (xUltimate) - Modified with White Ongoing Notification Text...
    Download Now

    MixZing Music Player (xUltimate) - Modified with White Ongoing Notification Text...
    Download Now

    Brightness App by jinx10000 - To lower brightness even more...
    Download Now

    Moto-Torch LED v2.8 (Modified widget by xeudoxus)
    Download Now

    ZIP with Espresso Wallpapers
    Download Now

    ZIP with Extra Wallpapers
    Download Now

    ZIP with 2.1 Wallpapers
    Download Now

    ZIP with Milestone Phone Portal App and Milestone Weather Widget
    Download Now
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    Installed, its insanely fast!!
  4. Master Droid
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    This looks incredible! Downloading now!!
  5. Master Droid
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    Ya can u add wifi tethering please. With working oc?
  6. Beta Team
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    This looks awesome! I would put this on immediately if everything was red instead of blue. Still it is nice to see some great new stuff going on.
  7. Master Droid
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    1 times
    incredible HTC droid
    what do you mean when you say
    6.) Choose ONLY "System" and "Boot"
  8. Master Droid
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    incredible HTC droid
    Quote Originally Posted by CatsTide View Post
    what do you mean when you say
    6.) Choose ONLY "System" and "Boot"
  9. Junior Droid
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    Dec 2009
    i am stuck on SPRecovery is that the same as using droidroothelper and going to reboot recovery?

    ** edit ok am dumb i see i am in SPRecovery already but i dont see where to do an advanced nandroid restore? Do i have to wipe data/ factory reset? or wipe cache partition?

    Sorry this is the first time i have installed a rom. If you cant tell haha
    Last edited by kcmoney13; 01-23-2010 at 07:46 AM.
  10. Master Droid
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    Enter Current Phone Here
    NOOB questions, sorry

    THis sounds like some low level mods. Will it void the warranty? Any danger of over clocking? Heat etc. I know when a PC is over clocked larger fans are needed and if the PC is over clocked too much the computer may freeze. Is this rooting the system?
    Once installed, can it easily be uninstalled?

    Thanks and sorry for the noob questions
  11. Junior Droid
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    Motorola Droid
    System to Boot he's referring to is int he Nandroid Restore Advanced options. If you go into that folder you'll see options to restore only a few items. Select the System and Boot only.

    Pretty easy.

    Installing mine now.

    If you need help, feel free to PM me.
    Last edited by Aspesi4; 01-23-2010 at 07:49 AM.
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