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Just rooted my D1 last week. Tried to install CM7, but something caused my phone to load the logo screen... and then sit there with the DroidDude riding his skateboard around in circles for half an hour. At that point, I pulled the battery. Next, I loaded up GPA17. Had to run the built-in phone fix before I could make/take calls, but it works like a charm now. While I realize that GPA17 is not meant to be a heavily featured-added ROM, I feel like it's lacking some things I want -- most of all is better battery performance. Since I went to GPA17, my battery life is around 2 hours less than with the stock 2.2.2 ROM. Nonetheless, I would recommend trying GPA17 if you're interested in a Gingerbread-based ROM. It's stable and keeps pretty much all the features I'm used, along with a few new ones.

On another note, I would like to find a ROM for my D1 that gives me:
* Froyo or Gingerbread
* Better battery life
* Assorted themes
* Hot spot tethering
* New features (can't define this bc idk what is available)

Any suggestions? I'm thinking about Liquid Gingerbread 2.3... or Bugless Beast. Would either fit the bill? If not, what does - if anything??
(IF I need to start a new thread for this question, I will. Don't want to hijack the OP's question.)

UPDATE 15:47: I just installed Bugless Beast. Will update after someone answers... and I've spent some time using it.
I would go with CM7. It has and will have a ton more features. I would install the deprimed kernel with it. Make sure you wipe everything before installing it and you shouldn't have any problems. Visit this thread if you need help with CM7: **CM7 Build Thread** Feel free to try my build if you would like. It has a few extra features that I pull from gerrit that aren't in the nightlies.