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Thread: Need help! Cyanogenmod problems, back to stock? Or something else?

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    Need help! Cyanogenmod problems, back to stock? Or something else?

    I would appreciate some help with my OG Droid. I had a computer tech at my friend's work put Cyanogenmod 7 on my OG. I read up on it and decided I would like to go to this ROM, but I am not a "technical" person so I asked this guy to help so I wouldn't screw things up.

    It worked great for about a week, then problems. Serious lag, won't remember any settings, slow screen redraw, etc. Since I am not super techie so I don't grasp a lot of the lingo in these threads, I'd appreciate help in 6th grade level joe average speak! I can sure follow step by step directions!

    Suggestions: Should I do something else with Cyanogenmod to fix the problems? (I know nothing about kernels, overclock, not sure how to wipe, etc.) Should I just go back to stock? Or suffer and wait for the damned Bionic to be released one of these days?

    Whatever your suggestions, can you give me instructions on how to? Thanks in advance for helping me.
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    I had the same problem with CM7. It was horrible on my Droid so I switched to Liquid Smooth. It works perfectly and it's so smooth.. I'm in love with it. Use ROM Manager to switch and choose wipe data. Should work fine, but let me know.
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