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What's minor? Looks like you added the ADW Launcher from Gingerbread and that's it............ Do you build ROM's at all or just pick them apart and pack them back up and put a link out? I'm not being a dousch at all but I feel like I have seen this before from you with the Bugless ROM where you just added some GB parts... I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it was you.. It's good you are giving credits to the real dev's instead of stepping on toes like last time, Why don't you start building from source? It's not that difficult dude. There is a few "How To's" out that are pretty solid. Best bet sync with CM source and build off of that. You can never go wrong with CM, and it's a good starting point.. In fact that's what I did. Jamezelle was a huuuuugggeeee help to me as well. But really it's not hard, it's fun as ****, and when you actually build something that is your own **** it feels good knowing it's yours and not someone elses.. I used to do the same **** but I never put it out for someone else to use. I just didn't feel like it was right to step on toes like that.. I'm down to help you out to bro.. I see your intentions and they are good.. Holla!
Im defiantly not getting in the middle of this...lol... but i would like to ask for help..im at this point picking the thing that i want and putting them together for me to use...i would never dare to link for others to use....EVER..unless i built myself..but my question is this .. i need help. What programs are needed to get started and where should i start??? Please PM me and help please...lol...i would love to help out where i can to develop and build my own for people to use. thank you