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Thread: Recommend a ROM for me

  1. Droid Ninja
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    I've had that problem as well. Go into Rom manager & clear your recovery or maybe flash sprecovery then reflash CW. I'd go with the newest UD. Haven't had any problems & it has plenty of themes

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  2. Developer
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    Thank you for describing our ROM.

    Merry christmas!
    you want easy theming, stable, battery life, quickness.
    Features yeah we got a few, were not cm its just the 2 of us, but if you want to give it a try we would appreciate it and i think youll like it.
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  3. Senior Droid
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    You need project elite.
  4. Master Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris-pee View Post
    You need project elite.
    do tell? I've been intrigued by PE. I'm on CM6.1 now and don't have any issues. What's it got over CM? Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by bigman2 View Post
    Why must people insist on posting these things when my flamethrower is in for repairs?
  5. Master Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by shameronsho View Post
    I am not looking for something that is blazing fast ././. I just want something that is very snappy
    Most of the time, "snappy" = "fast" ... but I still know what you mean. I would suggest Project Elite v3.5 or Liquid Frozen Yogurt v1.95. Both are very snappy (they're very similar, so really I wouldn't worry about pro-con-ing one against the other, I'd just pick which one you like the look of better). Little to NO lag at all. Very, very few force closes (very stable). With ROMs that are very close to stock, you will receive OTA updates that will remove root, so you will have to either block them or re-root each time that happens (it's not often, but it's something to consider).

    Liquid Frozen Yogurt and Project Elite both have some great options, but they don't overdo it. I am currently running LFY v1.95 and haven't switched to anything since (and I've tried almost everything out there).

    In regards to battery life, I'd suggest flashing Slayher's 800MHz SLV kernel (found here. It's smooth, has interactive governor (especially needed for that extra "snappiness") and uses very little voltage == battery life heaven.

    Whichever ROM you choose, please consider donating whatever amount you feel is appropriate to the developer. Their hard work = our happiness, and it ultimately helps support the whole community so we can all continue to enjoy the benefits of custom development.
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