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Thread: HTC Merge 360-degree view appears, quickly disappears from Verizon's site

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoZzY View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by wingdo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by WoZzY View Post
    adam not confirmed lte but it has the same exact hardware specs as the G2 T-mobile & that is $G HTC is known to burrie hidden fetaure's in there source so when LTE comes out next year a OTA can unlock the 4g LTE
    Wait ... What???
    Yeah has the same specs of hardware & the same cell radio as the G2 according to the leaked specs online of the HTC merge Verizon. so it says 3G but it could be like SPRINTS EPIC & HAVE 3 G 4G OPTION i KNOW WHEN EPIC LAUNCHED IT HAD BOTH BUT i AM just saying that the hardware specs & the radio specs are exact so it has the hardware to run 4G only time will tell I will be out & about for black Friday getting all the deals on wireless & electronic stuff
    Yeah but T-Mo's "4g" is really just spiffed up GSM 3G. For VZW to have this come with LTE it would need two separate radio systems in place. It'd be great if it were, but until someone proves both CDMA and LTE chipsets are in there I'm not going to hold my breath.

    I find it far more believable that the D2G is actually LTE capable since it already has GSM and CDMA.

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    I'm pretty sure we'll know if it has LTE capabilities the instant it is officially announced. Once we get the model number and info, a quick look at FCC records will confirm what technologies and frequencies the unit is cleared for. I believe the Merge has already been identified in FCC records anyway.

    As fun as it would be to have "hidden" powers ready to be released at a future date, it's not realistic. In any case, someone will open it up within a day or two and tear it down to identify the chips and other components, physically eliminating the possiblity of hidden LTE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miami1683 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Eddog4DROID View Post
    So, in the grand scheme of things, what does this actually mean?
    It means that black Friday is on it's way p
    I hope you're right.
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