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I keep seeing people defend iOS by saying Its 1 phone vs. X phones for Android...so what? That only proves how much more superior android is to iOS. Wow, apple makes ONE phone a year...congratulations. and with all their extra time, o certainly would expect it to run great. Androids popping up on devices from multiple manufacturers on multiple carriers in multiple countries...and its still better than iOS IMO. That's the sign of a true leader. Its not about the hardware but rather the software.

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i think what people are saying is (and they're correct), if you have 30 phones and every time someone buys one of those 30 phones, a notch goes in the sales numbers for android, then common sense would tell you that android would outsell ios. it's not about which os is better, or which phone is better, its the quantity available for people to buy. if i have 100 vw beetles, and 1 ferrari, and sold all my cars, that doesn't mean the beetles are superior to the ferrari. it means there were more beetles to sell. i dont get why people are confused by this pretty simple and obvious concept.
exactly! I was trying to think of a good analogy and you got it spot on!