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Thread: New Unlimited Plan from Big Red?

  1. Master Droid
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    May 2010
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    They told me that the lines that are out of contract within 12 months will have their contracts extended to 1 year from today, but will not have their upgrade dates affected. When those lines upgrade, their contracts will extend from date of upgrade, not 2 years after the 1year for this deal.

    I think I figured it out to be 1 smartphone per 2 lines of service makes this a good deal.
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  2. Junior Droid
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    I'm looking into getting Verizon Wireless (planning on switching in the next couple of weeks), and would LOVE to get this deal.

    From what I've read on this thread, it doesn't appear to be for new customers though.

  3. Droid Newbie
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    Nov 2010
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    Called number of ad about 30 min ago. Had family plan for 2 phones with 700 minutes, 2 data plans at $30 each, and one $5 text plan.
    No wait, lady asked if I got a promotion by text or e-mail, I said yes.
    She looked at my account and asked again if I got an e-mail. *sidenote, husband forwarded me promo without telling me where he got it.* So I figured something was up so I said my husband forwarded me an e-mail. She looked that up and said you have to be sent a promotion to be eligible. She asked if his name was on it, I said he just sent me a link. She put me on hold and said her manage was allowing her to extend the promotion to me.
    Our contract is up in 13 months and she didn't say anything about extending it. She told me that this isn't a permanent price and it would change in a year. She set it up to start on our next billing cycle in 12 days and said it would be too difficult to have it start now. I asked her what the total price would be, she said she couldn't give me that due to the taxes and fees. I asked what the base price would be and she said with my works 21% discount it would be a little over $100. I figured $111 compared to about $127 base price with only 700 minutes and no unlimited texting.
    AWESOME!! And now we have the 10 friends and family we can use too. She said if we changed the plan that the price would change, but I can't fathom why I would want to!

  4. Junior Droid
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    Mar 2010
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    After two attempts this morning using vague answers regarding whether or not I had received the unlimited offer... 3rd time is a charm! I waited a few hours and thought I would call back in and try one more time. I told the lady I did not receive the unlimited offer but would really appreciate it if they could review my account and make an exception. She was very polite and after taking a look she got an approval from her supervisor to put me on the promotion. $140/month for two droids @1400min + 10 family talk. I'm one happy customer right now.

    She specifically told me she appreciated my honesty in telling her I did not receive the offer in the mail. That was why she spoke to her supervisor. Who would have thought being so direct and honest would pay off?

    Fyi. I have kept current on my bill for just over a year and have two smartphones on my account.

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  5. Master Droid
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    Nov 2009
    When asked I said I read about it on Droidforums.net and the guy I spoke to said "That'll work". However, I wind up not saving money with my current mix of phones and services, so I declined for now. If my wife decides she wants a smartphone (when VZW gets an iPhone I expect) I'll see if the promo is still available because it would make sense for us then.

  6. Droid
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    Jan 2010
    I called and after 15 minutes, I was able to get my stuff switched out. 1 smartphone, 2 media phones, only added unl data to one phone since the other 2 had it already. I ended up saving $25.00 after taxes, but got unl data added to the 3rd phone which will be upgraded to a smartphone real soon.
  7. Junior Droid
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    Nov 2010
    droid incredible
    ok so i called back the second time and ended up getting the plan it was a lady that answered this time and she was so nice,i wonder why that guy told me i couldnt get it when i first called
  8. Junior Droid
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    Feb 2010
    Droid Bionic
    Just called. Success first try! My previous family plan, with 3 smartphones, was the 1400min+unl text+unl data for each line. With the new plan the dude said I saved $60/month (I'm still running the math on that). I'm very happy indeed! He asked if I got a letter, I didn't exactly lie, just stated that I'm looking at the offer right now... I read him the offer details to help him see what the offer was, and he signed me right up.
  9. Senior Droid
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    Just called and they switched me without any problem. The rep didn't even ask where I got the number from. I couldn't believe it! My old plan was the same as the $69.99 one except I only had 250 texts and was paying around $80, so this is awesome for me. A million thanks!
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  10. Junior Droid
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    Oct 2010
    Droid X
    I just called and had no problems at all. Switched me over without any questions. Located in ND.


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