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when the widget for rss feed updates coming!!!!???
I will work on that... But I did want to remind people that stories in the upcoming area need to be voted on or they won't hit the front page:

Upcoming | AndroidOnly.net

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I would like to register, but I have tried a number of times and keep getting a "Problem Loading Page" error. Says the server is taking too long to respond. Is it just busy or am I doing something wrong? I just click the embedded link in the article.
We have about 150 registered members, I'm not sure why you are getting an error. Try going to the main page and clicking the register button, see if you still get the same error?

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Just looks like a way to make other people do the work without them getting paid. Great job. You should focus on driving traffic with originality not a copy and paste fest of thievery.
I guess I don't really understand where your coming from. The idea of an all encompassing site where members get to pick what kind of news gets featured is a good idea to me. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.