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Thread: Did Google Screw Motorola And Everyone Over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heem View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by benb1974 View Post
    I want to patent the number 2. From now on you all have to pay me to use it. and all capital letters too.
    Now, get someone to license the number from you, that way idiots will think that means that your patent is valid.
    Makes me glad I switched all my number usage over to binary a short time ago. Now, I just need to change my login and I'll be good to go.
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    My personal favorite

    6,826,762: Radio interface layer in a cell phone with a set of APIs having a hardware-independent proxy layer and a hardware-specific driver layer

    This patent is about as vague as it gets. It outlines a process but nothing else. The driver layer, APIs and proxy layer are all block items in the diagram. This is the biggest waste of a patent, as are most software patents, I have ever seen. No specific API's are mentioned. As a matter of fact within the patent it specifies that vendor's use their own API. This is all saber rattling and BS. Completely empty patents and baseless claims.
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    It's OK for your Droid to be different. Just be supportive and reassuring and it will do just fine. It's when you or other people point at it or mock it for being different is when its' feelings get hurt. Just show it unconditional love regardless of its' differences and it will in turn reciprocate that love and loyalty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benb1974 View Post
    I want to patent the number 2. From now on you all have to pay me to use it. and all capital letters too.

    i will pay 2 cents....sorry one cent + one cent to license the number that comes after one but before three
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