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Thread: HTC Merge Benchmarks Better Than The Droid X

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    when is this htc coming out for verizon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanknspank View Post
    Well benchmarks are pointless... if the phone runs smooth, what does a silly benchmark matter?

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    Well benchmarks can give you an idea how effective your hardware is, such as, 800Mhz vs 1000Mhz processor comparisons.
    You couldn't simply say that a 1000Mhz Snapdragon and 1000Mhz Hummingbird processor operated at the same performance or speed, just because they say 1000Mhz.

    Even if your phone does run smooth, benchmarks give you an idea of what they're capable of and what they can do beyond factory installed software.

    The iPhone is a great example of this, and if it wasn't for the window of developer opportunity, the iPhone would have just been a short lived cell phone like the LG Voyager, constantly replaced by a newer and evolved model. If I wanted better touch screen functions, I needed to get an evolved model like the LG Envy Touch, just to enjoy truer touch screen functions that the Voyager should have had, but that was premature.

    I know the iPhone didn't come with a camera, or 3G. But it was the accelerated hardware, operating system, and the axis functionality that kept people from having to buy a new phone every 6 months.
    When the iPhone added 3G and a camera, they didn't redesign the form factor and call it something new, it was still an iPhone.

    With this freedom of functionality, apple has left a window of endless possibilities for developers to develop, and consumers to consume.

    The more powerful or resource free your smart phone is, the more you can do with the apps that are developed for us. Otherwise, what's the point to having an app phone if you can't enjoy them, and with ease.

    Benchmarks allow us to evaluate those capabilities phone to phone.

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    ...To the OP, you see that the cpu portion of the test is roughly 80% of the nexus one's stock score right below it right? 800MHz is 80% of 1GHz. So yes, it would appear that it does matter.... That's a very glib answer, but if you're going to use benchmarks to prove your point (which is a tenuous proposition to begin with), make sure the portion you're talking about supports the narrative you're laying out. All of the stuff after the blue portion of that bar is unrelated to the cpu.

    But if we're using the overall score, it's still not pretty. I mean, the fact that my DX on 2.2 scores higher than that, without using stagefright (which HTC likes turning on by default), is pretty telling... If I enable stagefright (as it is on the merge, from what I've been told, at least on the demo builds), I get 2100-2200 easily. Does that mean anything? Probably not really... Benchmark numbers are meaningless on android, because they lack context. And it's questionable whether or not the differences that have such a huge influence on benchmark numbers have any impact on real world usage.
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