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View Poll Results: What Android Device Is Currently The True Elite

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  • Droid 1 (King Droid)

    96 58.90%
  • Google Nexus One (USA Desire)

    2 1.23%
  • Droid Incredible (Sexy Droid)

    9 5.52%
  • HTC Evo4G (Fast Droid)

    3 1.84%
  • Droid X (The Big Boy)

    39 23.93%
  • Droid II (The New Droid)

    9 5.52%
  • Samsung Galaxy S Series (The Endless Entertainment)

    5 3.07%
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Thread: [Poll] Elite Device

  1. Droid Sensei
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    Droid 1, X, RAZR, Rez, Maxx HD
    I didnt vote cuz to me its a tie between the Droid 1 and Nexus 1 for overall Elite-ness.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnomaz View Post
    I voted DroidX. I have one and have used a Droid 1 recently, my bro-in-law's. Personally, I think my phone surpasses his and so does he. Unless you are into custom roms, the DX surpasses.
    I think this is so true. I still have my Droid 1. I still use it. But for everyday use, I use the X.

    I didnt realize how much a difference extra RAM was gonna make. I also said this when the Inc came out - Feature wise, the Inc surpasses the Droid 1.

    Does it mean if u have a Droid 1 u should get rid of it and get the X, Inc, Droid 2, etc? No. But if I had to choose at this instance with no phone in my possession, the Droid 1 would be at the bottom of my list. Especially after using the Droid 1 and I realized if u have a good screen u dont really need a physical keyboard.

    I mentioned this before, the only reason I kept the X was the better reception. If it woulda had the same as my Droid 1? It woulda been a tougher decision...if it woulda had worse it was going back.
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  2. Master Droid
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    How on earth could the droid 1 be the most elite? I get that fanboys are like yeah! It's the first droid product for verizon, rahh! But... all the newer phones are so much better than the droid one.
  3. Master Droid
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