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I am protected to the max.
I have "Wave Secure" plus "App Lock". Together these 2 pretty much take care of security. app Lock has a lfaw that even makes it better. If you disable App Lock, when you power cycle your phone it is enabled again.
If you want free I think "Mobile Defense" is better than "Wave Secure". I already had "Wave Sceure" beofe ei found out about "Mobile Defense".
I am also testing "MyLookOut" whch is new and looks pretty good.

I've been meaning to get on this and put a remote lock/erase system on my phone, finally!

Hmmm. But couldn't find either Mobile Defense or MyLookOut in the Market. Also wondering about SMS Erase and Norton mobile Security. Would love to have a POLL about what security everyone is using these days and what the latest best one(s) are now that Droid is soon to have her first birthday.

Moderators? Anyone? What do you think?
mylookout is in the market......look again. You can also go to mylookout.com.
Mobile Defense is in beta, you can read about at mobiledefense.com.

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I had searched "mylookout" instead of "lookout," which is how it is listed: as "Lookout Mobile Security." Unfortunately, it doesn't have remote lock/wipe on Android yet.