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Thread: Samsung's double-sided-touchscreen patent hints at future of tablets

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    Samsung's double-sided-touchscreen patent hints at future of tablets

    Apple's iPad proved high consumer demand for tablets, and ever since the iPad's launch, the world's leading tech companies have been in a mad scramble to develop their own tablets. And we all know that HP, ASUS, RIM, Toshiba, MSI, and Samsung are all working on tablets, which are expected to debut towards the end of 2010/beginning of 2011. Most of these new tablets, we presume, will be very similar to the Apple iPad, with either a 7" or 10" touchscreen, a plethora of apps, high quality hardware, sleek design, and a button or two. Some have gone as far as to promise... a WebCam! But are any companies really thinking out of the box? Well Samsung certainly is, according to a recent patent application.

    Specifically, Samsung recently applied for a "[m]obile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein". In layman's terms, Samsung plans to develop a tablet with two touchscreens: one on the front of the device, and one on the back. The purpose would be to have separate gestures for both the front and back, to make the tablet experience easier and quicker to perform specific tasks. Check out the patent diagram below (via UnwiredView)

    Samsung already has a standard iPad-esque tablet in the works, the Galaxy Tablet, so we probably won't see this double-sided touchscreen technology for quite some time; however, it's certainly an interesting idea. We have all seen the Motorola Backflip, which has the tradmark "BACKTRACK navigation pad" on its rear: similar in concept to the double-sided touchscreen seen here, and has been somewhat successful. Then again, the BACKTRACK pad is more of a mouse touchpad (think laptop) than a touchscreen. I can't wait to see this "double-sided touchscreen" technology put to practical use. Let us know your thoughts on the future of tablets, and will these radical features have a place in the tablet market?

    source: UnwiredView
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    this looks awesome! Looks lie one of the ones from the new iron man
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    Quote Originally Posted by manningfan10 View Post
    this looks awesome! Looks lie one of the ones from the new iron man
    Exactly what I was thinking. Technology is getting crazy.
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    I'm not sure I buy it. Yes, it looks like something out of a hyper-futuristic movie, but pinching both sides of the screen? Using both hands to touch opposing sides of the device? I'm left wondering how one would hold the unit itself. Would there be some sort of a stand?

    I can picture it now: walking into my living room and at the very center, a touchpad on a stand as tall as me. I'd turn it on and control both sides, turning on my lights, setting the music on my stereo, and having a crystal-clear conversation with someone via Skype or something of the like. I suppose that would be pretty cool...I can't say I wouldn't buy one.
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    Samsung always has alot of innovative technology, I got their LED 3D TV and thats amazing. cant wait to see this in stores.
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    Pretty crazy stuff.
    But right now, all I care about is getting that Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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    yay now i can use my third arm to hold it while i use my other two to control it =]...

    no more calling me a circus freak =]
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    Are they saying the display is visible from both sides too? it seems pretty innovative, more so than the Ipad. Might have some design flaws such as how to hold it while gesturing with two hands,lol. But overall I like it and i'd would definitely buy a cool innovative android tablet over an ipad.

    I wonder about how strong it would be though, even with gorilla glass.

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