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Thread: T-Mobile G1, we hardly knew ye

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    T-Mobile G1, we hardly knew ye

    Well it's official, the G1 has finally met its end. Engadget is sadly reporting today that T-Mobile USA, Amazon, and other retailers have sold the last of their remaining stock of G1, and the world's first Android phone is no more. That large plastic brick, with a touchscreen and QWERTY, may be gone, but will never be forgotten. The G1, a.k.a. the HTC Dream, was released in the US in October of 2008, and as the first Android phone, gave birth to one of the most promising mobile operating systems in history. You could go as far as to say it was the pioneer for the plethora of high-end Android smartphones we have today. At least we can take solace in the fact that the G1 still has a great development community behind it, as recently, Android 2.2 FroYo was ported onto it by Cyanogen. And for those of you being bit by the nostalgia bug, you can still snag a G1 on eBay for around $50.

    Also, keep an eye on T-Mobile's HTC Vision ("G1 Blaze"). Many are suggesting the Vision will be a commemorative phone marking the two-year anniversary of the G1.

    So, anyone here an original G1 owner? Tell us your story.

    source: Engadget
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    I pre-ordered the G1. I returned it back to T-Mobile within 2 weeks! The phone was clunky(I received my phone with a few dead pixels), the operating system was buggy and slow, and there were no good apps to mess around with at the time. It was touted as an "iPhone killer", what a joke.

    However, I am glad that Android is where it is today because I knew it had potential. I'm lovin my Moto DROID now!
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    I preordered the G1. It was great for its time, and nobody with any sense touted it as an iphone killer. If you did the research you would've known you cant kill the iphone! Thats all media hype. Google or Tmo never came out and said "this is the iphone killer". It was better than the original Iphone IMO, but you had to learn how to manage its limited memory and young OS, to make it run smooth. I loved it more each day. Its definitely an Iconic device that paved the way for Android!


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