If you lucked out and waited on the Developer edition of the Moto X on Verizon then good on you. With the ability to unlock the bootloader and install full on custom recovery you are able to run official AOSP and roms like Cyanogen Mod. Those of us that bought a consumer Moto X on day one may never see a fully unlocked bootloader. The developer edition Moto X now has a fresh rom thanks to the handy work of "NitroGlycerine33". His latest build of Eclipse brings you Eclipse the way it was meant to be fully AOSP. This is mostly stock but does include a few performance tweaks and Aps OPS built in. You can get root access pretty easily by simply flashing the SuperSUzip. This is plain vanilla and serves as a clean base for Eclipse. You can expect many more features in the near future. Head to the link below for the download. Don't forget to grab the Gapps as well.

Via ElementalXdesigns.com