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Thread: Google Glass App Designed By Firefighter Aims to Assist with Response & Rescue

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    Google Glass App Designed By Firefighter Aims to Assist with Response & Rescue

    There are certainly a great number of things going for Google Glass, but for the most part so far, many of the features have been cute and nifty rather than useful. That doesn't mean the potential isn't there for some truly innovative ideas which could make Google Glass a "must-have" tool in certain circumstances. A new app is being developed for the product which might do just that in a niche area. A firefighter named Patrick Jackson also happens to be a talented programmer and he is combining his talents to create a Google Glass app to help out his fellow firefighters do their job more effectively.

    The software he is developing for Google Glass is meant to help improve response & rescue for firefighters, and make their jobs easier. Right now he already has some very handy abilities built into his app. It can already send emergency calls to Glass so that direct responders can go directly to its location. It also can bring up nearby hydrants with Google Maps. Right now, Jackson is working on adding a new functionality to the app. He wants to be able to bring up floor plans and other critical info about buildings before firefighters enter them. He is even working on vehicle diagrams to aid rescue and response teams with in-car rescues.

    Check out more about his app in the video above. Mr. Jackson deserves a hardy thank you for all the work he is doing, both in the field and in front of a computer!

    Source: Google+
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    Hmmmm....why do I think the ability to bring-up floor plans could be problematic? Great idea if it can be secured for emergency response teams only.
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    I wonder what the chances of coming up with a infrared or thermal sensor version of Glass are. I think "Glass" type devices will find their biggest market in the professional fields rather than social. Range finding, technical schematics, vital signs, navigation, the possibilities are endless.


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