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Thread: CyanogenMod N1 Rom To Be Prepackaged With Licensed Gapps!

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    CyanogenMod N1 Rom To Be Prepackaged With Licensed Gapps!

    CyanogenMod has been a leader in the Rom and Root community as long as I can remember. They are bringing another first to the rom world with their build of Android for their upcoming CM N1 release. If you flash AOSP roms then you already know that you must flash a google apps package separately or you will be without the much needed apps like the playstore, gmail, talk and other important apps. Google decided that they didn't like their apps being built into third party roms without being officially licensed. Every OEM must get their gapps licensed before including them with their skinned version of Android. This can be an arduous process, one that many amateur, in my freetime, developers would not be fond of taking on.

    As you know by now CyanogenMod has gone legit, and will be the Android builder for the new N1 devices. Since they will be the base rom for an OEM they are needing to get their Gapps licensed. We can only hope that they can also swing licensed gapps for all builds of CyanogenMod and not just the N1. Apparently just getting the Gapps licensed for the N1 build of CM is a huge milestone considering that CM was allegedly issued a cease and desist letter from the Mountain View Company asking them to comply with licensing rules or risk major legal action. The official device has still yet to be officially released, but this is huge news for CyanogenMod and Rom fans alike!

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    What does that mean? You need to pay Google to be "licensed"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PereDroid View Post
    What does that mean? You need to pay Google to be "licensed"?
    I believe Google has to allow you to do that. Not sure if there is a fee, but they do it for quality control. They don't want their gapps in crappy rom builds and have people think its from them because it came with all the Google apps.

    I'm curious how long it will take CyanogenMod to update their firmware for N1 devices when Google releases new versions. Right now we're on manufacturers because of the time frames. I wonder if CM is going to step up their game and have stuff out quickly. As it is right now, they have alpha and beta releases. I don't think any company or the public would want to get alpha and beta builds on their phones if its the only firmware they get. Will CM also be delayed to ensure a bugless (or as close to it as possible) release?
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    I don't think there's fee for it, just a vetting process.
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