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Thread: Pseudo 'In the Wild' Pic of Moto X (Being Used by Google's Eric Schmidt)

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    Pseudo 'In the Wild' Pic of Moto X (Being Used by Google's Eric Schmidt)

    What do we have here? This is likely the first "in the wild" picture of the Googorola Moto X phone... sortof. Yes it's not in an production office posing cor Mr. Blurrycam, which is why it could be considered "in the wild." However, it also is being held by one of the top Google executives, Mr. Eric Schmidt, so it technically isn't quite "in the wild" because it is still "controlled access." Regardless, this looks like a white version of the Moto X, and we must admit to being far more impressed by the aesthetics of this device than many of the previously leaked pics of the phone. The lines of the phone's outer design are clean and sharp, and the white surface seems to have an interesting textured pattern on it.

    It's definitely a more aggressive looking phone than previous iterations have shown. Color us intrigued...

    What do you guys think of the looks of this one?

    Update: Here's a link to several more pics of Eric Schmidt using the white Moto X phone: Search Results | Insider Images

    Source: Twitter
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    Nice build quality. I hope they can pull this off. Looking forward to the rest of the lineup.
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    Phone looks nice and sleek.


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