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I have some good news for you if you have unlocked the bootloader on your RAZR HD then get ready for some new development! Hashcode's developer version of Cyanogen Mod 10.1 will work on the newly unlocked Razr HDs. This is still very much unofficial. Nearly everything is working in this rom including Call, Audio, Rotation and Sensors, GPS, USB, Data/4G, HW Acceleration, Torch, Headphone plug detection, Microphone, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi Tethering, and NFC. The only part of the Rom that is not working 100% is the camera/video recording, and voice dialer. This is Android Vanilla 4.2.2 so if you prefer running a clean rom with zero Blur and zero Bloat then this is the rom for you. Hopefully we will get some source code from Motorola very soon so this camera issue can be resolved!

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Grab this Rom here and discuss!