Folks who own the newer versions of Amazon Kindle Fire products will be happy to know that some software updates have started pushing out OTA. The 2nd Generation Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch & 8.9-inch devices are all getting the updates. Here's a quote with more of the details,

For each device, the update provides enhancements for viewing textbooks, with the 2nd generation Fire and the Fire HD 7" getting "X-Ray for Textbooks". This feature allows users to access the most important terms and concepts, with glossary definitions and links to relevant pages within books.

The update also provides enhancements for print replica textbooks across each device. Thumbnails of each page are now available at the bottom of the screen, and you can make notes and highlights in your books, as well as jump from one chapter to another.

Other improvements include "Time To Read", which calculates how much longer you have left until completing a book based on your reading speed, and each device can now read books with audio and video clips, too.

The update will be downloaded to devices automatically, but if you want to force the update to happen more quickly, you can initiate it from your Kindle and get it straight away.
These are great new features that Amazon added to their product lineup. It's great to see the company continuing to support their device by making it do new and useful things. Sound off if you have received this update and tell us what you think of it.

Source: AndroidPolice