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Thread: AR Patent Shares Google Glass Possibilities: Control Garage Door, Appliances & More

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    AR Patent Shares Google Glass Possibilities: Control Garage Door, Appliances & More

    An intriguing new patent was filed by Google related to their Project Glass/Google Goggles that shows off several new possibile uses for the device. It uses augmented reality to wirelessly interact with your home devices like your garage door or refrigerator. Using a variety of connectivity options like visual identification, RFID/NFC, Bluetooth and/or QR codes, your Google Glass will be able to recognize your home devices and project an augmented reality drop-down control overlay in which you can control the devices remotely using voice commands. Another possibility is leaving virtual notes/reminders on the Fridge for yourself or other family members.

    Although some folks dismiss Google Glass as a gimmicky tech toy, the versatility and usability of the device is finally starting to take shape. Perhaps it really could be the next disruptive consumer tool. Before touch-screen smartphones were released there were quite a few who dismissed that idea as well. Now look how far they have come. Sometimes, the most bizarre ideas end up becoming the next "must-have" consumer product. Maybe devices like Google Glass are simply the gateway toward the next evolution of tech in which AR voice commands take over and touch-based interfaces fall away.

    Share your ideas.

    Source: Engadget
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    I'm so glad for this because pushing that garage door button for a whole second was soooooo much work.
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    It's not something that appeals to me, but as someone that wears glasses daily I could see this catching on (for that crowd).

    Perhaps a stepping stone, but for the most part I don't think people want these things "in their face", they want "smart" that requires no interaction. Agree voice commands is where it's at, and I'm not sure this is a necessary or productive step toward that.
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    Agree with both of you.
    When I first say Google Glass I thought it was pretty cool. Even excited (as a glasses weare, lol).
    But the more I see about it I am just like: *yawn*
    How lazy do we have to be to NEED a pair of these. Cars have the Homelink system now that have a hardware button in your car for opening your garage. Is that really just too much effort?
    In fact, I posit, saying "Open Garage Door" actually takes LONGER then clicking a button by your visor.
    And great.... people are going to wear these while driving? I hadn't even thought of that. *shudder*
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    Hey PereDroid !! I fully agreed with you !! At least we can give a little effort for opening the door!!
    Isn't it??


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