Liquid has updated to 4.2.2 and they are up to their second release candidate! Team Liquid is dedicated to providing Android users with a smooth, stable, fast Rom. They start with a fast and lightweight modified AOSP base, and then add all the features you love. This Rom is Linaro compiled for improved performance and speed. The long list of Rom features include customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders, Chronus clock widget with date and calendar options, customizable hardware and software navigation keys, customizable navbar ring (pie nav), transparent navbar and status bar, navigation bar widgets, customizable power menu, notification power widget, customizable quick settings panel, status bar mods (clock, battery), Theme engine, Quiet hours, Volume rocker music controls, full rotation, and more!

RC2 also includes Wifi Tether mod fix, New Liquid Walls, some icons from Rootbox, New SystemUI icons, Brand new color picker, added Dashclock, added Koush's super user app, liquid camera and gallery, see through lockscreen option, lots of other mods and fixes to many to list. Grab this Rom form the source link below!