Last week Canonical released their developer preview build of Ubuntu touch to the Galaxy Nexus phones minus the Toro on Verizon and for the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7. The development community quickly began work porting this to other devices. Developer "Dhacker" has managed to get a working build ported over to both the Droid Bionic and the Droid 4! It should be noted that Ubuntu Touch is incredibly early. There are currently no apps, or really anything. It is a pretty nice looking OS and fun to get a bit of hands on time with the OS, but at this point it isn't very useful. If you are one of those that like to get an early peek then you can head to the links below and grab the necessary files. These should be installed via Safestrap in romslot4 with 2GB. You will want to flash cdimage.ubuntu file first then flash the phablet file immediately after.

I could see where this would eventually be very nice since the Bionic has webtop you could use potentially have a full blown OS to push via webtop. This might be pretty nice.

Droid4 files: Downloads - Downloading phablet

Bionic files: Downloads - Downloading