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Thread: Google Working with the New Linux 3.8 Kernel; Maybe Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie?

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    Google Working with the New Linux 3.8 Kernel; Maybe Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie?

    We have some potentially thrilling intel to report today. Google is already working with the new Linux 3.8 Kernel. Industry speculation suggests this could be the base for the newest Android 5.0, also known as Key Lime Pie. Of course, we must be quick to point out that the Kernel is brand new. It might be a bit of a stretch to believe Google will be able to integrate it into Key Lime Pie because it is expected to debut in just a few short months at Google I/O.

    Of course, several possibilities exist. One, maybe Google's engineers are really just that good and can crank it out fast enough. Two, perhaps they are working on it now, but it won't be integrated until the next iteration of Android, like Android 5.1 or Android 6.0. Three, maybe Google plans to hold off on the Key Lime Pie launch until sometime next year. This would help reduce Android OS fragmentation as more devices would have more time to be brought into the Jelly Bean fold. This might be a very plausible possibility. Jelly Bean is a very polished and impressive piece of software technology. It might make sense to let the public "dine" on it for a while longer before introducing a new OS into their "diet."

    In some ways we are hoping that last bit of speculation is wrong, because we would be excited to see what new stuff Key Lime Pie brings to the table. Still, we can see the potential advantages to Google waiting a bit. The new Kernel is labeled by Google as "experimental" so we are actually leaning toward the second option to be the final reality. What do you think?

    Here's a link to the experimental Kernel: https://android.googlesource.com/ker...al/android-3.8

    Source: AndroidAuthority
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    I think that's great news! The 3.8 kernel is supposed to handle memory more efficiently and/or use less. I think that means there is a good chance that devices that currently have Android 4.1 may even run better on Android 5.0, because of having more available memory. Maybe 1GB of RAM will last me longer than I thought! I'm hoping for a July release along with the X-Phone (guesses). That would help Android fragmentation a lot if 1GB turns out to be plenty of RAM for Android 5.0!
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    The piece of pie in that picture looks so yummy right now.
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    It's probably colored styrofoam and shaving cream. : )

    I'll guess 5.1.


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