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Thread: LG Preps Another Flagship for Later in 2013; Optimus G2 to Feature 8-Core 'Odin' Chip

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    LG Preps Another Flagship for Later in 2013; Optimus G2 to Feature 8-Core 'Odin' Chip

    It looks like LG is not content to wow us with just the Optimus G Pro in the beginning half of this year. Supposedly, they are already prepping the Optimus G2 to launch at the end fo the year and it will have a seriously competitive big.LITTLE chipset of its own that will include 8-cores. Here's a quote with the details,

    According to South Korean publication DDaily, the eight-core processor dubbed Odin will use a 28nm HKMG process, with LG hiring TSMC to produce it. The processor should be ready for market later this year, and should be found inside the Optimus G2, which we can only assume its coming in late 2013, about a year after the Optimus G.

    The Odin will feature four Cortex A15 cores for heavy-duty requirements, while four Cortex A7 cores will deal with more mundane activities. Just like the Exynos 5 Octa, LGs eight-core processor aims to offer high performance when needed, but also improved battery life, thanks to the big.LITTLE architecture.

    The SoC will apparently offer eight-core graphics capabilities as well with support for Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and higher, but it will lack a baseband modem.
    So, apparently Samsung will need to start looking over their shoulder at LG later on in the year. Do you guys think LG could actually start catching up with Samsung?

    Source: AndroidAuthority
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgstorm View Post
    Do you guys think LG could actually start catching up with Samsung?
    catch up? HIGHLY unlikely. Samsung has kept up their unbelievable pace of innovation. BUT, I do expect LG to become a serious player in the smartphone market this year. I remember devs laughing at the N4, because LG was the MFR. Then quickly changing their tune when they got their hands on one. I 100% percent believe LG's stock is on the rise. Actually a couple of the smaller smartphone MFRs will this year. I see LG and Sony both being serious players as of this year. Whether or not they keep it up though will be the question. The MFR I'm most curious about this year is MOTO. While their hardware has always been top-notch, and the MAXX brought a giant battery to these pocket computers that so desperately needed one (and yet somehow, STILL no other MFR has followed suit on such a simple, yet necessary feature). They haven't really done anything that made me say "wow" since the first Droid. And locking bootloaders, especially with Google now owning them is a questionable business decision at best. HTC is in an even more dire situation. Their BEATS plan did nothing

    Sammy will still be #1
    LG & Sony will gain serious ground from where they were a year ago
    Moto is at a crossroads. Either the X phone puts them right back in the thick of it, or they fall hard
    HTC will just fall. Overworked, underpaid R&D. No new concept to call their own since Sense
    Huawei will make the biggest jump percentage wise this year. They wont be a huge player, but everybody will know who they are
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    I think LG could definitelly be an awesome top tier pick, but honestly I doubt LG will put in the advertising dollars that Samsung has. A big part of Samsung's success has been a result of steady ads, as well as one boost that LG won't get: Apple saying in court that Samsung is equal to Apple but with more flexibility and a lower price.

    LG will go a long way if they keep pushing the envelope. I'm not a huge fan of most of the newer phones that have come out lately, and there are others who are open to something that really catches the eye and performs.
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