If you don't mind being a Guinea Pig and you own an OG Droid RAZR then you may be in luck! Developer "Dtrail" has released his Pre-Beta version of his D-WIZ JBX Rom. The Rom is said to be stable, but it is noted by the developer that this is a very early build and is still a work in progress. The rom is currently going through a complete Framework overhaul so the Rom you download today will look and feel very much different from the updated Rom that is soon to come! It is nice to have early access to a developer's build and become part of the testing process. This Rom is stable enough to use as a daily driver and has no bugs listed. It is also already full of features. This Rom should be flashed in a Clean Rom Slot in Safestrap! If you are willing head to the source link below and give this new rom a shot!


Grab the Rom and Discuss Here