We have a couple of interesting news morsels from LG for you guys today. First up, LG released a new teaser promo for their "new series" on their Facebook page. It promises to have an "unexpected distinction" whatever that means. This is typically vague marketing, but we will likely know something new either by MWC.

Our second bit of news from LG today claims that the company plans to offer wireless charging across their entire lineup of phones by the end of this year. Apparently, LG has been paying attention to industry trends and several studies (including one they sponsored themselves), which suggest wireless charging will become very popular. LG wants to jump on this badwagon to become one of the early adopters. Here's a quote with a few more details,

LG conducted studies in the U.S., which determined that short battery life and slow speed are among the main complaints of smartphone users. With increased data use, users will tend to run their batteries down more quickly. But most find carrying a wall charger inconvenient, and here’s where wireless charging tech will come into place.

According to the Wireless Power Consortium, wireless charging will not only be limited to power mats in the future, but these technologies would already be embedded into furniture and facilities, including table tops, radios, refrigerators and even car dashboards. The consortium likewise foresees establishments like airports, restaurants and hotels to embrace wireless charging technologies, thereby enabling users with compatible devices to charge wirelessly from their facilities.
What do you think? Could our battery woes be eliminated if we just surround ourselves with stuff that constantly charges our devices? Even if things don't become this extreme, the concept is intriguing.

Source: AndroidAuthority