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Thread: Google Glass Hackathon Later This Month in New York; Devs Will Receive Units On Site

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    Google Glass Hackathon Later This Month in New York; Devs Will Receive Units On Site

    If you were one of the devs who forked over $1500 to Google to get a first shot at Google Glasses, aka Project Glass, then you likely already received an email telling you this info; however, the rest of us will just get to marvel wide-eyed with envy as your first opportunity to nab the device has arrived. Google just sent out the following email to developers detailing a two-day "hackathon" in New York January 28 and 29. Devs who attend the event will receive units on site to use. Here's the email contents,

    Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco or New York. These hackathons are just for developers in the Explorer program and were calling them the Glass Foundry. Its the first opportunity for a group of developers to get together and develop for Glass.

    Well begin the first day with an introduction to Glass. Youl have a device to use while on-site. Next well take a look at the Mirror API, which gives you the ability to exchange data and interact with the user over REST. Well then dive into development with Google engineers on site to help you at any point. At the end of the second day well have a lively round of demos with some special guest judges.

    If youd like to attend this first Glass Foundry, please choose and register by Friday, January 18th at 4pm PT. There is limited space. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter with additional details and required terms after registration closes. Please dont make any travel arrangements until your attendance is confirmed.

    Glass Foundry San Francisco
    January 28th & 29th at Google SF
    Glass Foundry New York
    February 1st & 2nd and Google NYC
    We are excited to find out how things go. Sound off if you are one of the lucky devs who will attend this event!

    The video above is just the last Google Glass Project Update and we thought it would be fitting to share it.
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    Those things look so stupid on their heads. Nothing against the event or anything, but visually...no thank you.
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    Oh, I'd love to have a pair or two. I can't wait. I especially want to get mine before Apple sues them. : )


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