Developer "MyComputerDoctor" of Factory Rom is beginning an exciting new project! This new Rom is Project Core! This will be an attempt to create a whole new User Interface unlike anything we have seen before in android. Currently there are many UI skins. HTC has Sense, Motorola has Blur, Samsung has Touchwiz ect. One of the most unique Rom skins has been MIUI. There really is nothing like it in the Rom scene. MyComputerDoctor is looking to create a new user interface with the same type of uniqueness.

Currently the BASE of the Next "FactoryRom" Project has been completed. Current features include the rom is built from Android AOSP 4.2.1 Source JOP40D, Custom Black and White Theming with and Inverted Framework, 8 battery options, T-mobile Theme Engine, Custom Built Launcher, Imoseyon Lean Kernel, and much more! Keep in mind this is just the base of the Rom and there will be many updates and many more features will be added.

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