Are you on the fence trying to decide which Rom to run on your Galaxy Nexus. There are a few top dawgs on the block, and a wide assortment of other Roms to choose from. Sometimes we like one Rom but wish it had features from other Roms. This is what the PACman Rom is all about. It merges the best features from the top three Galaxy Nexus Roms into one Super Rom! Cyanogen, AOKP, and PA join forces to create a totally unique rom! The Rom is stable enough for a daily driver, however the Rom is still a WIP so there may be a few minor hiccups. This Rom is built on Android 4.1.2 AOSP and comes with a hybrid GAPPS package that includes all the 4.2 goodies.

This is only the beginning of what looks to be a pretty sweet rom. The Factory Rom team is steady working to squash any minor bugs that may exist so pretty soon this should be pretty solid!

Grab the Rom via Rootzwiki