Team Sourcery has rebased their Rom on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K for the latest build of JBSourcery v3.2! As always the rom has tons of options for customizing. You will probably never use all of the options that are includedSome of the core features include MIUI battery bar with all the options, Clock adjustments, Toggle options (AOKP and CM style), a whole list of Lockscreen features, Navigation bar mods, and tons of other miscellaneous options. This is one of the very few Roms that has a good group of theme devs who regularly crank out awesome themes strictly for this rom. In this build there have been lots of bug fixes making this rom faster and more stable than ever. All new wallpapers are included as well as some tablet mode updates, torch improvements, and more!

If you have never tried a Team Sourcery Rom now is the best time ever!

Grab the Rom here