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I overheard sales people in AT&T complaining about Samsung increasing the size of the Note. They were saying they will never convince people it can be their primary cell.

I personally think Samsung runs out of ideas and just makes phones bigger. Why else would they make the S3 bigger than the Gnex? I never heard someone say, "If only the Gnex had a bigger screen..."
Maybe they are smarter than us all, and in 2 years they can throw an updated touchwiz skin on the original Note and sell it as the Galaxy S5.
I'd like my G'Nexus' screen to be larger. I also like using wireless headsets, and would like to combine tablet and phone in one. Only problem would probably be is pocket size. Might make screen damage more common too.
Hell, I'd get a nexus 7 if it came w/ 4g LTE and I could make phone calls on it. Or did I miss something about the nexus 7...