HTC had stated that the official ICS build for the Droid Incredible 2 would be coming by late August which is pretty much here, but if you just can't wait a Rom was released today that brings ICS to this device via a Leaked RUU. The Rom is based on the RUU and includes Sense 3.6.

It is pretty much stock except for these few changes:

  • rooted
  • busybox
  • kernel repacked for ext4 vs ext3
  • kernel repacked to remove new htc /lib partition for use on all hboots
  • remove htc linkify crap (app associations as a result of apple lawsuit)
  • removed a lot of the htc log/testing utilities that are present (theyre neat to play with sorta, but the avg user would get annoyed by their notificaitons always being on)
  • moved some stuff to /data because older hboots dont support /lib and /lib needs to be back in /system/ (which didnt have the room for it all)

Install Instructions and Download via XDA