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Thread: Do You Think Verizon Should Be Able to Edit the Internet Before You Access It?

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    Do You Think Verizon Should Be Able to Edit the Internet Before You Access It?

    In it's ongoing legal fight against the U.S. Government to stop Net Neutrality and the FCC's Open Internet Order, Verizon has made the laughable argument that it should be able to edit the internet at its discretion for its customers. Basically, Verizon's "point of view" is that as a broadband internet provider it should have "editorial discretion" to choose which content to provide to its customers, just like a newspaper editor, and that the Government is stepping on its constitutional right to do so. Here's a quote from Verizon's legal argument,

    Broadband providers transmit their own speech both by developing their own content and by partnering with other content providers and adopting that speech as their own. For example, they develop video services, which draw information from, and are then made available over, the Internet. Many also select or create content for their own over-the-top video services or offer applications that provide access to particular content. They also transmit the speech of others: each day millions of individuals use the Internet to promote their own opinions and ideas and to explore those of others, and broadband providers convey those communications.

    In performing these functions, broadband providers possess “editorial discretion.” Just as a newspaper is entitled to decide which content to publish and where, broadband providers may feature some content over others. Although broadband providers have generally exercised their discretion to allow all content in an undifferentiated manner, Order 14 (JA__), they nonetheless possess discretion that these rules preclude them from exercising.
    This perspective stretches the limits of logic and borders on insanity. Verizon believes that they have a Constitutionally protected right to decide which content that their customers can access. Basically, Verizon is claiming that their right to free press guaranteed by the Constitution is being hampered by the Government because they are not being allowed to hamper your free speech rights to access whatever information you choose. They provide access to the Internet, they do not create the content that is on it. They should have no say in what we choose to find. How can any rational person wrap their head around this?

    Source: BGR
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    we pay for there service its out device we should be able to view whatever we want to
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    Sometimes I wonder if Verizon even listens to the fountain of BS they spew. Or do they say these things with their fingers plugging their ears?

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    Exactly justin.... censorship is not being able to have a steak because a 6month old can't chew it!!!

    If they start trying to censor what we see, as adults??? Really?? If I want to see blood and guts.. then I want to see it.. if I want to see other things that they as a company don't agree with... so???

    Like was previously said... I pay for it... they can't tell me what I use it for.
    When I buy gas, does conoco get to tell me where I can drive?? And how fast?? NO!!!

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    Conoco gets to tell you exactly what blend of gasoline you can put in your car. Within the parameters of certain regulations.

    Verizon certainly has a prerogative ipso facto to control the content they serve over their service.

    The question is, to what degree will we tolerate filtering, and at what point will we use government coercion (regulation) to force Verizon to conform to our expectations?

    NOTE: To be clear, I'm all for government regulation to compel Verizon to back the hell off.

    The "inverted free speech" argument can be obviated relatively easy by Congress; it's "only" a matter of how far they (we) are willing to go regarding the classification of Verizon in particular or ISPs in general.
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    This one more thing that we need to vote with our dollars, we won't because they tend to be the best option in most cases. And unfortunately they know that and are trying to use that to their advantage.
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    They aren't really interested in making moral decisions about what you can or cannot see. They are interested in favoring the websites of parties who pay them to do so.

    But no doubt once they use this excuse to route your browser to Bing instead of Google if Microsoft is the high bidder, special interest groups who specialize in being offended will start hammering them to censure the web, and they will fold like all companies do.
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    The problem is on the broadband front. When I signed up for fios, I signed up for Internet at a certain speed. I didn't sign up for verizon's Internet content instead.

    Verizon has no right to tell me what I can view as long as it's within reason. Sure I could accept no access to child porn etc.

    Verizon offers their own portal if I choose to use it, obviously I don't.
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    Crazy that anyone would be for this in any form. They are providing the internet much like Xfinity, Hughes, etc. When they start "Filtering" what you get then you are going down the path of Communism or Facism. THey can then only filter what reality they want you to hear much like the Alphabet channels do today. We need unfettered data from all sides and the internet is the only way you can get that data in this day and age.
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    I'm going to make this simple. VZW can not filter my access to the Internet. I pay Verizon for Web access not for specific websites like a cable package.

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