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Thread: [Follow-Up] Verizon's 'Share Everything Plan' Overload; Reactions from Around the Web

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskur View Post
    Forced because minutes and texts are nothing for their network. It's the data that kills and bogs them down. In order to keep their network working effectively they have to get the part of their 93,000,000 customers to limit their use so others can benefit from the LTE service. The spectrum would be overloaded if they did not control their data on their network.

    I am not defending VZW by any means. In all likely hood I may just switch to a phone for calling and texting and using a 7" tablet with wifi since VZW will be forcing people to use wifi anyway. Hell, that will save me $80 bucks a month.

    Still, for now, this is how I am going to work it......

    I love having up to date phones, the newest out. It just peaks my interest in technology. Its a passion of mine lets say. So, at this point I don't care to change my plan or upgrade at discounted prices. Who really cares? You can get the latest phones still for what you would pay for an upgrade! How you ask? OK. It's like this---I have a Razr Maxx now but the SG3 looks nice. I will purchase it outright at $650. Then sell the Maxx on ebay with my accessories for around $500. So essentially I am getting the SG3 for $150. Then the cycle continues when the next phone I want comes out.


    I am keeping my unlimited as long as I can
    Thats exactly my sentiments. I'm not a defender either but all the carriers are maximizing their spectrum and cost containment not to mention increasing revenue streams all for shareholder demands.

    The majority of complaints and criticisms will be the power data users and minimalist talk/text users like myself because these plans have no benefit.

    I wrote an article in the main thread to address why VZW was screwing everyone as it were but we all knew unlimited data was dying a slow death.

    My 2 coins.
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    Noone will be forced into these goofy new plans. They still have the other plans already in place. I know losing unlimited data sucks butt.
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    The only way you're saving money, is if you have an existing plan that matches the new ones. For example, if you have a unlimited min/text/2GB/month plan now, by switching over to these new ones you'd save around $20/month.

    For the family plans, and users on other stuff (like limited mins/text), you're not saving much if anything.

    Honestly, I think this is verizons way of killing off dumb phones. Cause, if I'm looking at this right, you HAVE to get a data plan now. Regardless of what device you add. Seriously, has anyone looked at vzws dumbphone offerings recently? The ones that have 3G are around $100. Who in the world is going to get that for someone, instead of one of the free-$49 smart phones?
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    My single biggest complaint is that Verizon is basically setting themselves up to completely eliminate unlimited data plans, not even honoring current contracts the minute they expire, and forcing everyone to these complete price gouging plans. Yes, I said it, price gouging. I'm a graduate of Business Econ, and I know it when I see it. They have a product that people need in their everyday lives. Some don't, but many, many do need the ability to check email, access certain sites, etc on the go, as it pertains to business. Now, they are setting a cap on the amount of time you can use their network to access this. Not only that, but now they're completely jacking up prices so that you're forced to pay a higher price. Sure, some can go to some other carrier, but Verizon knows they have the biggest footprint, and as such, are the only option for most everyone outside cities.

    Its bad, bad BAD when someone who has a current unlimited data is ever forced into this shared plan, if they want to keep the same price rate they have now, they'll be getting 1GB per month. Thats outrageous. During a time where more and more of our personal lives are going to the "cloud" where you need the internet to access, Verizon is severely limiting your access to these resources while making it even more expensive to access it the same amount you can now... All the while boasting that you can eat through data faster and faster with their LTE service. And then combine THAT with the fact they pre-load data hogging apps like Netflix, Pandora, Slacker, Blockbuster, etc to your device to eat through data bytes even faster, and you cannot uninstall without voiding your warranty... Its just a disgusting practice.

    Its getting time for the Government to make this crap a commodity to prevent gouging like this. More and more people are becoming more and more dependent on the use of this service and the big companies are providing less while charging more. They're becoming a cartel in the same sense OPEC has become one. They keep it up, and the government will HAVE to intervene.
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    What if a family of 4ish just had 4 seperate lines? $30 for 2gb of data(4gb if they have occasional double data) per phone. I'm just throwing out what popped into my head.

    I only have 1 line with VZW, my wife has a line with AT&T. Kids aren't old enough for phones yet.

    I know VZW has, in general, the best coverage, but at what point does the price outweigh the service? I think we may be nearing the tipping point. If I can reduce my cell bill by $50(just a random amount in my head), then I don't care if the coverage is a little worse. So far the increased cost has been justifiable, but that could change.
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    I'm trying to wrap my head around this. So from what I've read existing customers who upgrade will not be forced in these shared data plans but new customers will HAVE to pick a shared data plan? That seems like its screwing over any indivial who comes to verizon and does not have any other people on the line. Unless I'm reading that wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOMMYBOT View Post
    Yeah starting off $50 for 1gb shared? I really hope they change the bs

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    If they had followed current price points (2gb for $30, 5gb for $50) and had the high "access fee" (which I still don't fully comprehend) cover the unlimited minutes, this would be an amazing deal for customers and I probably would give up my unlimited and as necessary, pay $10 more for higher use. $130 for two smartphones sharing 5gb... That would be a great deal that most would be happy about... and it would closely resemble plans available elsewhere. I honestly thought that this was closer to what the tiers would look like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakzilla401k View Post
    I'm trying to wrap my head around this. So from what I've read existing customers who upgrade will not be forced in these shared data plans but new customers will HAVE to pick a shared data plan? That seems like its screwing over any indivial who comes to verizon and does not have any other people on the line. Unless I'm reading that wrong
    If you upgrade with contract you have to switch to a limited data plan. You can have the tiered plans that have been around or you can buy one of these packs and share it. Alternatively you can buy a phone out right and keep your unlimited data.
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    Verizon's banking on every plan going on the 10.gig share lol, no way in hell is a normal family sharing less then 10 (even ten seems absurd for 4 or 5 smart phones).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLeClair12
    I've already begun shopping around for a new carrier once my contract is up next May. I love Verizon's service and my selection of phones, but for a plan like mine, this is going to screw me over big time.

    I share a plan with my mother - we've been on it for nearly five years. I have a unlimited data at $29.99 a month, 5000 text messages (which I only use about 1600 of) and 700 shared minutes. She has no interest in data or getting a smartphone, and while she has expressed some interest in texting, she doesn't care enough to pay for it.

    I should also mention that she is off contract and has been for nearly two years. There's nothing she cares to upgrade to, she likes her simple, feature LG flip phone.

    We're currently paying around $125 a month after fees and taxes, which is high enough. Under this new pricing structure, we'll be sitting at $120 just to share one gig of data between the two of us, and that's before fees and taxes.

    We already pay our own portion of the bill anyway. we're just on the same account for convenience. Perhaps I should look in to just going our separate ways.

    Add that to the fact that my area STILL hasn't gotten 4G LTE coverage, despite being told it was coming in March, and it's no wonder I've got to consider taking my business elsewhere.
    Why r u sitting on a upgrade?? Lock in ur current contract for 2 years pre order the samsung galaxy s3 when u get it never open it and sell it on eBay and pocket the money the 16gb version will cost u 250$ pre order... sell it for 580$
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