Introducing a new Rom for the Droid3. This rom is a modded version of one that we all know and love "Gummy". Of course the original Gummy is by Kejar31 and Team Gummy. That Rom had been successfully ported over to the Droid3 earlier this year by Hashcode and even more recently by X13thangelX. Team Haters has taken that Rom and flipped it upside down. You can expect all the goodies that are built in to Gummy 1.2 like custom battery mods, custom lockscreen mods, soft key mods, pull down widgets, gummy live wallpaper, custom boot animation, and more. This also includes one major feature OVERCLOCKING! Now you can overclock your Droid3 for maximum performance! You will be able to change your max cpu in performance settings up to 1200mHz and even set to apply cpu at boot! You will notice a considerable difference in the fluidity of your device. Also included in this modified version of Gummy are custom build.prop edits, inverted mms, inverted gmail, inverted gtalk, inverted contacts and more.

This is easy enough to install however it should be noted that the Developer offers no assistance to those who do not follow install instructions like "wipe atleast 3 times" and "wipe dalvik preferably as many times as you wipe"

Apparently the hardware acceleration issues are still unresolved on the Droid3 so no netflix, youtubehd, ect

Grab this Rom here and discuss!