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Thread: Samsung Names Flexible Screen Tech: 'Youm'

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    Samsung Names Flexible Screen Tech: 'Youm'

    Samsung has finally decided on a name for its next-generation flexible displays. The tech has been talked about for the good part of a year and will now be known as Youm. Youm displays will not only be thinner and lighter, but also pretty much unbreakable. A virtually unbreakable screen will go a long way with consumers. The picture above shows the 4 layers of the Youm screen.The four layers are the polarizer, encap (film), organic layer, and TFT (film). It's a pretty ingenious creation. With the screen technology named and inching closer to mass production, the South Korean company has filed the trademark names of 4 new screens. The trademarked names are FAMOLED, WAMOLED, PAMOLED, and TAMOLED.

    We are not going to speculate what the capabilities of these new screens will bring, but Samsung is really paving the way in screen innovation. Some very exciting products should hit the shelves by year's end if everything goes as planned. Let the speculation begin on what the first product will be that deploys the Youm screen... flip phone that is all touch anyone?

    Via: Android Authority
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    I hope moto gets on the ball and comes up with their own way of doing this. This is a game changer to me, especially when coupled with Intel chips. Phones could start to take on a Star trek type of personality. I think this could be a very exciting time for us. Innovation isn't the product of logical thinking... Einstein, that being said... with the technological advances happening at nearly geometric rates, who knows what could be on the horizon.

    And not just phones, medical devices, security devices, displays on cars and PC's.....wow.... and Google with their glasses project... the future is now. Again IMHO

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    Been following this Tech. since it first surfaced and I cant wait for the day when I get my hands on some. It would have been Amazing if they Debuted this Tech. on/in there NEW 55" AMOLED TV with face and voice recognition. Since it was so thin it would have been Amazing for it to be Flexible and Unbreakable!!!


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